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14th Dec: Society Architects
Dr. Plamen Russev

Welcome to the Webit Global Impact Week

by Dr. Plamen Russev, Executive Chairman, Webit.Foundation

Eric Schmidt M Dr. Plamen Russev

Fireside Chat: The AI Revolution and Its Impact on Society

with Eric Schmidt, Former Chairman, Alphabet

H. E. Kiril Petkov M Dr. Plamen Russev

The first public appearance and interview with the newly appointed Prime Minister of Bulgaria in his first hour at the office. H. E. Kiril Petkov was guest of Webit’s Global Impact Week - Powers Summit

with H. E. Kiril Petkov, Prime Minister of Bulgaria

Elisa Ferreira

Keynote: Transition, Transformation and Reforms in the Society and the Economy

by Elisa Ferreira, Еuropean Commissioner - Cohesion and Reforms (2019-2024), The European Commission

Didier Reynders

Keynote: Building a Resilient Economy while Ensuring Fair Society for All

by Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice, European Commission

Panel Discussion: Technology and Innovation in the Public Sector

Ott Velsberg Jeanne Holm Laura Sallstrom M Nina Goswami

Panel Discussion: Global Impact of the Economic Growth- systainability

Olga Algayerova Lilyana Pavlova Maria-Francesca Spatolisano M Angela Antetomaso

Panel Discussion: Social Impact of Technology Innovation and AI

Adam Cheyer Daniela Rus Claudia Nemat M Ryan Broderick
Henrik von Scheel

Keynote: Cracking the Code of Planet, People and Profit

by Henrik von Scheel, Originator, “4th Industrial Revolution”

Panel Discussion: Education Development: Long-term Force for Change

Wendy Kopp Gabriel Dalporto Yoshito Hori Prof. Sara Nosari M Christina Zdanowicz

Panel Discussion: Open Discussion on the Importance of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for Strengthening Society

Aubrey Blanche Danielle DeRuiter-Williams Mamokgethi Phakeng

Panel Discussion: Open Discussion about Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Responsible AI

Marietje Schaake Ivana Bartoletti Andrew Sullivan Amit Pradhan M Judith Nwandu

Panel Discussion: Educating People, Growing Society, Building Future

Esther Wojcicki Yaacov Hecht M John Aidan Byrne

Panel Discussion: Making the World More Secure through Cooperation

Sudhir Ethiraj Thomas Rosteck Karl Alles Jacques Kruse-Brandao M Natalia Oropeza

Panel Discussion: How to Scale Social Impact

Alix Zwane Chris Yeh Amit Bouri Truls Berg M John Aidan Byrne

Panel Discussion: Advantages to Lift the Workflow - The Future of Work and Jobs

Rolph Eric van der Hoeven Matt Cooper Saskia van Uffelen Bernhard Kowatsch M Jared Lindzon

Panel Discussion: Speaking the Language of Human Rights While Considering Technological Solutions to a World Crisis

Limor Shmerling Magazanik Ruth Shaber Brett Solomon M John Aidan Byrne
Brad Chedister

Keynote: Accelerating Innovative Solutions with Technology in Defense

by Brad Chedister, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at DEFENSEWERX

Panel Discussion: Revitalisation of Democracy Through Effective and Transformational Public and Political Leadership

Paul Maassen Lisa Witter M Salim Essaid
15th Dec: Economic Sustainers
Dr. Plamen Russev


by Dr. Plamen Russev, Executive Chairman, Webit.Foundation

Don Tapscott

Keynote: Trivergence: Thriving in the Second Era of the Digital Age

by Don Tapscott, Best selling author, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Blockchain Research Institute

Johan Wibergh M Michael Cogley

Fireside Chat: Connecting Society for a Better Future

with Johan Wibergh, CTO, Vodafone

Panel Discussion: Sustainability Powered By Technology Innovation - Future of Business

Sir Martin Sorrell Vivek Bapat M Inga Thordar
Siri Børsum M Jordan French

Fireside Chat: Boosting Financial Health Through Innovation and New Open Banking Capabilities

with Siri Børsum, Global VP Finance Vertical Eco-development & Partnerships, Huawei Consumer Business Group

Panel Discussion: The Voice of the Brand Agencies

Nicky Bullard Chuck Porter Andrew Dimitriou M Rhett Power

Panel Discussion: Sustainability and Operational Efficiency in Tech

Matt Brittin Petra Jenner Mariam Al-Foudery Anthony Baker M Leisha Santorelli
Liz Oakes M Kristina Cornèr

Fireside Chat: Fintech Defining the Future

with Liz Oakes, EVP Market Development of New Payment Platforms, Mastercard

Panel Discussion: Building a Resilient Tech World by Redefining Cybertech

Kabir Barday Natalia Oropeza M Ryan Broderick

Panel Discussion: Driving the Future of Connectivity

Robin Chase Sampo Hietanen Mark Thomas M Jim Motavalli
Sandy Carter M Spriha Srivastava

Fireside Chat: Power of Data and AI to Fuel Innovation

with Sandy Carter, Vice President, Amazon Web Services

Tim Draper

Keynote: Uniqueness, Importance and Dedication in the VC World

by Tim Draper, Angel investor

Brian Collins M Karen Leland

Fireside chat: Creativity, Brand Development and Sustianability

with Brian Collins, CCO & Founder, Collins

Daniel Weissland M Tim Stevens

Fireside Chat: Driving Forward the Future of Mobility

with Daniel Weissland, President, Audi of America

Panel Discussion: Empowering Transformation Through Digital Currency

Dr. Tommaso Gagliardoni Sanja Kon Lane Kasselman Rajesh Dhuddu M Kristina Cornèr
Karen Walker M Karen Leland

Fireside Chat: Modern Leadership and Sustainable Business Models

with Karen Walker, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Intel

Panel Discussion: Diversity & Inclusion: A Catalyst for Corporate Sustainability

Keri Gilder Lisa Edwards M Angela Antetomaso

Panel Discussion: Fintech and Trends Driving the Future of Banking

Thomas Courtois Kathryn Petralia John Egan M Spriha Srivastava

Panel Discussion: Cybersecurity - a Milestone in the Digital Age for a Safer World

Alessandro Menna Dian Kelley Luigi Rebuffi M Rhett Power

Panel Discussion: Digital Passports and the "New Normal" for Travel

General Robert Mazzolin Roger Millar Hamid Zarghampour M Roger Dooley

Panel Discussion: Rise of the Regions

Hendrik Brandis Sonny Vu Gen Tsuchikawa M Michael Cogley

Panel Discussion: Mobile Innovation and Power of Connectivity

Stephen Douglas Jeremy Prince Alexandre Tisserant M Connie Lee

Panel Discussion: Blockchain Driving Digital Revolution and Regional Equality

Bowie Lau Tom  Trowbridge M Max Yakubowski
15th Dec: Founders Games
Jonathan J. King

Moderated by

by Jonathan J. King, Head of Strategy at Polygrowth PR

Digital Entertainment & Media

Founders Games Jury Insights

Tomas Martunas Tommaso Maschera Ionuț Pătrăhău Marcin Laczynski Ondrej Bartos Claudius Stammbach

eCommerce & Consumer Tech

Founders Games Jury Insights

Matt Bodnar Madeline Lawrence Gabrielė Poteliūnaitė Claudius Stammbach Isabella Thomas Courtney Glymph

Software & XaaS

Founders Games Jury Insights

Bogomil Balkansky Madeline Lawrence Patrick Sheehan Tommaso Maschera Niklas Benesch Ondrej Bartos SC Moatti Karina Shevchenko Gunce Onur

FinTech & Blockchain

Founders Games Jury Insights

Matt Bodnar Aly Madhavji Jacek Lubinski Ionuț Pătrăhău Karina Shevchenko Gunce Onur Isaac de la Peña
16th Dec: Planet Guardians
Dr. Plamen Russev


by Dr. Plamen Russev, Executive Chairman, Webit.Foundation

Panel Discussion: Leading a Corporation Towards Achieving Nеt Zero

Harry Verhaar Laura Storm Florence Verzelen M Judith Nwandu
Bill McKibben

Keynote: Creating a New Model for Action With Climate Change in the Spotlight

by Bill McKibben, American environmentalist, Leader of the climate campaign group,

Panel Discussion: Nature Loss as a Main Challenge and Opportunity to Achieve Sustainability and Wellbeing

Andreas Beckmann Enric Sala Justin Winters M Angela Antetomaso
Lucas Joppa M Dr. Plamen Russev

Fireside Chat: Zero Carbon Emissions: a Reality Achieved by Actions, Measurements and Scored Results

with Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer, Microsoft

Panel Discussion: Open Discussion About Climate Change, Climate Action, Sustainability

Andrew Harper Cody Simms Graciela Chichilnisky Osprey Orielle Lake M Afua Adom

Panel Discussion: The Blue Planet is Thirsty: How to Save the World’s Oceans and Freshwater

Richard Vevers Daniela Fernandez M J. Carl Ganter
Ernesto Ciorra M Solon Molho

Fireside Chat: Clean Energy Innovation for Sustainable Transformation

with Ernesto Ciorra, Chief Innovability Officer, Enel

Julia White

Keynote: Sustainability: An Imperative Not a Trend

by Julia White, Chief Marketing Officer and Solutions, SAP

Panel Discussion: The Sustainable Solutions in Fighting With the Plastic Waste

Erin Simon Tommy Tjiptadjaja M Rhett Power
Christoph Meinel

Keynote: Clean IT Initiative for Sustainable Technologies

by Christoph Meinel, President and CEO Internet Technologies and Systems, Hasso-Plattner-Institut

Panel Discussion: Food as Global, Environmental and Social Challenge and Opportunity

Didier Toubia Jason Clay Raviv Itzhaky M Shireen Santosham

Panel Discussion: Green Growth and Sustainability Predictions

Justin Kamine Jennifer Morgan Sharan Burrow David Jensen M Leisha Santorelli

Panel Discussion: Urban and Green Mobility - the Strength to the Sustainable Environment

Brad Bao Silvia Fischer Roger Hunter Karen Vancluysen M Jim Motavalli

Panel Discussion: Innovative Finance and its Impact on Engineering a Paradigm Shift Towards a Green Economy transition and SDGs

Dr. Frank Rijsberman Gil Penha-Lopes
16th Dec: Founders Games
Jonathan J. King

Moderated by

by Jonathan J. King, Head of Strategy at Polygrowth PR

CleanTech & Smart Energy

Founders Games Jury Insights

Christian Lindener Artur Banach Claudius Stammbach Francesca Cavanna Marcin Laczynski Sami Moughrabie Meir Dardashti

AI, Big Data & Analytics

Founders Games Jury Insights

Gabrielė Poteliūnaitė Jacek Lubinski Artur Banach Bogomil Balkansky Francesca Cavanna Ondrej Bartos Gunce Onur

HealthTech & BioTech

Founders Games Jury Insights

Sabine VanderLinden Ivo Detelinov Dr. Stefanie Wojciech Amer Jeamby Gabrielė Poteliūnaitė Kevin Ye Daniela Esposito Claudius Stammbach
17th Dec: Health Innovators
Dr. Plamen Russev


by Dr. Plamen Russev, Executive Chairman, Webit.Foundation

Panel Discussion: Digital shaping the Future of Healthcare

Natalija Jovanovic Francesca Wuttke M Elisabeth Brier

Panel Discussion: Revolutionizing Global Food System by Agtech and Food Innovation

Johannes D. Rossouw Sam Kass M Frances Kuo
Dr. Tina Manoharan M Ryan Prior

Fireside Chat: AI in Healthcare - Expectations, Reality and Future

with Dr. Tina Manoharan, Vice President, Global Lead Data Science & AI Center of Excellence and Digital Division of Research, Philips

Dr. Chaesub Lee

Keynote: AI for good

by Dr. Chaesub Lee, Director, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau

Panel Discussion: Trends in the Healthtech Innovation Ecosystem

John Nosta Dirk Richter Mo Fors Nicole Hill M Jayne O'Donnell

Panel Discussion: Health Sciences and Technology Unlocking the Actionable Knowledge

George Church Prof. Steven Wong M Ryan Prior
Daniel Kraft

Keynote: The Accelerating Future of Health and Biomedicine

by Daniel Kraft, Faculty Chair for Medicne, Singularity University

Panel Discussion: Advanced Technologies Shaping the Future of Personalized Medicine

Rafael Grossmann Stefano Bini Prof. Dr. Maki Sugimoto Radhika Iyengar M Elisabeth Brier
Prith Banerjee

Keynote: Leveraging Computer Models and Simulation to Make You Live Longer, Healthier

by Prith Banerjee, Chief Technology Officer, ANSYS, Inc.

Panel Discussion: Equity, Inclusion and Diversity in the Healthcare Sector

Ann Aerts Roopa Dhatt M Jayne O'Donnell
18th Dec: Media & Entertainers
Dr. Plamen Russev


by Dr. Plamen Russev, Executive Chairman, Webit.Foundation

Sherrie Westin M Christina Zdanowicz

Fireside Chat: The Power of Media and Early Childhood Programming

with Sherrie Westin, President, Sesame Workshop

Panel Discussion: Shaping the Future of Digital Entertainment and Production

Arash Pendari John D.  Canning Kerstin Emhoff M Denny Alfonso

Panel Discussion: Will NFTs Revolutionize the Media and Entertainment Industry

Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt Thomas Euler Michael George Stipe Maric Alexander Koppel M Gabriel Mohr

Panel Discussion: Hottest Areas for Investment in Gaming and Esports

Tony Habschmidt Reinout te Brake M Dobromira Boyadjieva

Panel Discussion: Media Trends 2022 and Review of 2021

Maria Rua Aguete Maaz Sheikh Mike Shaw M Jonathan Broughton
Dr. Plamen Russev

Official Closing

by Dr. Plamen Russev, Executive Chairman, Webit.Foundation

* The organizers reserve the right to change the program