Special Webit Events:
Round Tables

26-27 June 2018, Sofia

About Round Tables

The Webit Round Tables are the highest-level, invitation only level events under the umbrella of Webit.Festival Europe 2018 aiming at fostering multi stakeholder dialogue on European digital related public policies including AI, Digital Health, Smart Cities, Blockchain, Mobility among the others.

These inivtiation-only, very private and intimate discussions shall gather up to 15 people - policy makers (MEPs, EU Commissioners, ministers and others), business executives from top global companies, academia and civil society representatives.

We took the multi stakeholder approach and added Webit twist to it in order to facilitate not only meaningful talks, but also to discuss on broad public policy road map in order to re:Invent Europe's Future.

Join us for two days of meaningful, practical discussions with the people who create politics, the ones that stand behind the science of politics and the ones that inspire politics. Click here to apply and be among those who make the real difference. Your application shall be considered and in case of approval, we will contact you to share the participating conditions.

All the findings from the round table discussions shall be presented to the European Commission and Member States as part of the book "re:Inventing Europe's future"

Round Tables Agenda

26 June 2018

Empowering Entrepreneurship and Financial Instruments

  • Instruments to develop social economy
  • Financial products for social enterprises
  • Institutions' support to social entrepreneurship
  • Social and economic integration
  • Legal framework
  • Creation of a social enterprise legal status

New media and Fake news

  • Role of Social Media in Fake news
  • Changing ways of content distribution
  • Regulations on Fake news
  • Overcoming challenges
  • New content, New formats
  • Virtual Reality and new content creation


  • A Decentralised World
  • ICO Regulation
  • Know how on Governance
  • Smart Contracts
  • From digital currency to ICOs

Urban Mobility

  • Improved connectivity
  • Better smart city decisions
  • Cities 4.0
  • Data collection and implications
  • Connected cities - Strategies in action
  • Traditions and modernity - where is the balance

27 June 2018

Future of Work & Education

  • Future of Work - Digital Competences
  • Technology in Education
  • Gamification put to good use
  • Future of work
  • Extinct jobs
  • Robots Become Coworkers

Healthcare and Disruptive technologies

  • Infrastructure 4.0
  • From Wearables to Implantables
  • 3D Printing in action
  • Pharma and digitization of drugs
  • AI in healthcare

EU Cybersecurity Challenges

  • European Cybersecurity Ecosystem
  • Internet Security
  • Achieving Cyber ​​Resilience
  • Crisis management
  • Overcoming obstacles through cooperation
  • EU Framework

Artificial Intelligence and ethics

  • AI in real life
  • Ethical practices in AI
  • Framework limitations
  • AI in the box
  • Quantum Computing Gets Practical
  • Transforming society - (im)possible

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