Webit Awards26 June 2018, Sofia

Webit Awards are demonstrating and endorsing the quality and efficiency of business models, business and social impact, social projects and policy-making in the new digital and tech markets with special focus on CEE. The Awards for the digital industry are the ultimate benchmark of true mastery in digital transformation of business and society, top innovations in marketing and communications and the future of smart cities and technology.

Over the past nine years Webit.Festival has been the epicenter of top level discussions on making policy and business decisions in the new digital economy.

Webit.Foundation has been committed to creating density of opportunities for boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in EMEA and Asia and improving the state of innovation for a better future.

Annually, we grant over $1 million to startups from all around the world through our Founders Games, while connecting leaders of business, academia and government through our Webit Global Series and digital networks.

On the stage of Webit.Festival Europe, we will reward industry’s innovators, policymakers and social entrepreneurs that are challenging traditional wisdom and paving the way towards a better digital future.

About Webit

Webit.Festival - the leading Digital and Innovation event for Europe (part of the Global Webit Series with annual locations in Sofia, Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore and New Delhi) is taking place on 25-27 June 2018, with more than 7000 attendees from 100+ countries, 300 speakers and over 200 selected European and global pitching Startups at Founders Games.

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