Thaer Sabri

Thaer Sabri

Founder and CEO, Electronic Money Association

Dr Thaer Sabri is founder and CEO of the Electronic Money Association, the European trade body for the e-money and innovative payments industry, and managing director of payments consultancy Flawless Money. He is also senior partner of the payments specialist law firm FM Legal. 

He has more than 20 years’ experience in the electronic money and innovative payments products. He is both a law graduate completing an LLB and qualifying as a solicitor in England & Wales in 2000, as well as a materials scientist, completing a PhD at Imperial College in 1994. 

Thaer’s other current industry roles include:Member of the Board of the European Payments Council (EPC) since 2015Member of the European Commission Payment Services Market Experts Group and its predecessor since 2005 Member of the Board of the UK Joint Money Laundering Steering Group since 2003Member of the European Banking Authority Banking Stakeholders Group since 2016
Since 2001 Thaer has helped identify, remove and mitigate a range of barriers to business for new payment service providers across the EU, and has advised on the regulatory environment globally. He leads industry engagement with public bodies and coordinates industry development of common guidelines and practices. 

As a lawyer, Thaer has developed a number of innovative regulatory models that have helped businesses offer new payment services in the EEA, and helped rationalise operational practices for global payments providers. He advises industry as well as regulators and engages with supervisory and regulatory bodies across the world. 

While working in industry, Thaer worked as product manager, in business development, as well as in a regulatory and legal capacity.

He writes and speaks on payments business and regulation and raises awareness of issues impacting both businesses and consumers alike.