Nitin Gaur

Nitin Gaur

Director, IBM Blockchain Labs

Nitin is a forward-thinking, business-minded executive with rich experience as a leader, strategist, and innovatorentrenched in the design and development of enterprise infrastructures and applications — including leadingedgemiddleware and mobility solutions for Fortune 500 companies in 20+ countries. Tenacious and customerfocused, Nitin is renown for his ability to analyse opportunities, anticipate trends, and create technologies thatalign with operational needs, catapult profitability, and dramatically improve the end-customer experience.

In his current role as Director of IBM's Blockchain Labs, he is responsible for instituting a body of knowledge andorganizational understanding around blockchain technology and industry specific applications. His mission isbuilding a “blockchain for enterprise” practice with client facing responsibilities and is tasked with building a newbusiness built around industry disruption and disintermediation. Since taking this role in 2015, Nitin has:Pioneered enterprise blockchain strategy and advised IBM decision makers, business partners, and clients, onindustry disruption, emerging application and services landscape around blockchain technology;

  • Devised business engagement models around blockchain technology stack, services and regulation;
  • Leveraged in-depth knowledge of payment technology landscape by reaching out to peers and pastpayment industry connections to device use cases and business models around payments andremittances that can employ blockchain technology;
  • Design "blockchain for enterprise" solutions for large customers in regulated industries by working withvarious entities such as IBM research, large financial services industry clients, regulators and startupcommunity. The goal was to address the fragmented blockchain landscape with existing application andtransaction infrastructure.

Prior to his current role, Nitin served as the CTO for IBM's Mobile Payments solutions and IBM Bluemix and leadour Mobile Solutions and Application Infrastructure Portfolio (WebSphere).In his 16 years with IBM he has achieved various industry-recognized certifications, which keeps him in constantdemand for technical paper presentations at internal and external conferences. The range of the topicspresented by him span from software architectures to improvement of management processes. Nitin, has beenfocused on staying close to customers and providing IBM clients with solutions to realise their digital strategythrough the adoption of our Hybrid Cloud Platform (IBM Bluemix) and our Mobile Solution (IBM MobileFirst)Portfolio.