Dr. Vishal Nangalia

Dr. Vishal Nangalia

Founder MedicalandMe, Consultant Anaesthetist and Medical Machine Learning Ninja

Vishal is an Anaesthetic Consultant at the Royal Free Hospital, London, and Founder of MedicalandMe a startup using artificial intelligence to predict and prevent patients dying in hospital.

Passionate about preventing patients dying in-hospital, he uses advanced technology to improve patient care and describes himself as a Medical Machine Learning Ninja. He has uniquely navigated the complex information governance, ethical and legal landscape of patient information to both curate one of the largest anonymised linked blood result datasets (approx. 1 billion results), and also apply advanced algorithms to real time clinical data. He has built world leading machine learning models to predict patient outcome, two being 1) outcome from acute kidney injury, and 2) in-hospital death. This work has formed the basis of PatientAngel, an AI platform which continuously monitors every in-hospital patient, predicts their risk of deterioration, and works with clinicians to optimise their care and prevent death.

He built his expertise in the interface of medicine and technology by initially developing a proficiency in space medicine and it’s interplay with advanced spacecraft technology. Over the years, he has worked on systems engineering at the International Space University, long term human adaptation/acclimatisation at the European Space Agency, the management of heart rhythm disorders on the international space station at NASA (Johnson Space Centre), and the training of the doctor on a mission to mars. He is a former president of the aerospace medicine residents association and a council member of the aerospace medical association (www.asma.org). 

He is on the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (aimed.ai), a group dedicated to exploring, educating, and expanding the applications of AI in medicine. 

He has a BSc in Aerospace Physiology from Kings College London, an MBChB  from the University of Leicester, is a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, and a PhD in Medical Machine Learning from UCL.
A keen triathlete and medical volunteer at sporting events, he is also obsessed with music, science fiction and is contributing to pushing humanity towards the singularity.