Yuri Lobyntsev

Yuri Lobyntsev

Co-founder and CTO, Cindicator

Out-of-the-box inventor, investor, sought-after-speaker, entrepreneur, and distributed applications developer. Started coding at the age of 10.

Yuri has founded the award-winning innovative apps development studio – Octabrain, later he moved his passion to Cindicator – a fintech company that uses blockchain to create a unique ecosystem of 100,000 decentralized analysts whose insights are enhanced by AI. As –°indicator’s founder, Yuri envisions the future where the collective intelligence of analysts, data scientists, and investors is leveraged by AI to solve the most pressing problems of the post-capitalist era.

Yuri has 10+ years expertise in big data, machine learning, leading research groups, neuroscience & tech entrepreneurship.He is highly skilled in rapid nonclassical problem-solving using extraordinary approaches.

Passionate about new challenges and revolutionary ideas. Involved in deep psychology, nature of decision making, human and machine consciousness, complex systems interaction, neuro-communications, and explorations beyond rational limits. Member of Global Shapers community. Ambassador of Global Education Futures Initiative and the Seasteading Institute. Blue Frontiers Advisor. Avid traveler.