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A Future to Share

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There are still people who do not understand that within 3 years some professions will cease to be practiced by people and everyone must change and adapt to the new world of coexistence of people and machines.

Webit is for people who want to understand how to adapt!


Official opening

  • Visionary Review of TOP 10 Tech Trends

Future of

  • Energy
  • Planet & Climate Tech
  • Smart Cities
  • Mobility
  • New Materials
  • Food & AgTech

Future of

  • Web3
  • SaaS
  • FinTech, Defi
  • Big/Small Data
  • Defence
  • Space
  • Logistics
  • Ecommerce
  • ESG

Future of

  • Synthetic Biology
  • BioTech
  • Therapeutics
  • Digital Health
  • Wellness
  • Longevity

Future of

  • Digital Media
  • Neo Content
  • AI Companions
  • MarTech / AdTech
  • Fashion

Future of

  • Robotics
  • AI, ML
  • EdTech
  • Metaverse
  • Collaboration
  • Brain Machine Interfaces
  • Enterprise
  • Voice, Haptics
  • Ambient AI Computing

Previous Speakers include

Erik Schmidt
Erik Schmidt
Co-Founder, Schmidt Futures; Former CEO, Google
Stanley Bergman
Stanley Bergman
CEO, Henry Schein
Julia White
Julia White
Chief Marketing Officer and Solutions, SAP
Don Tapscott
Don Tapscott
Best selling author, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Blockchain Research Institute
Mike Federle
Mike Federle
CEO, Forbes
Liz Oakes
Liz Oakes
EVP, Mastercard Send
Matt Brittin
Matt Brittin
President of EMEA Business & Operations, Google
Gen Tsuchikawa
Gen Tsuchikawa
CEO, Sony Ventures Corporation
Tim Draper
Tim Draper
Global venture capitalist - SpaceX, Tesla, TwitchTV, Skype, Baidu and many more
Robert Metzke
Robert Metzke
Chief of Staff Innovation & Strategy and Head of Sustainability, Philips
Sandy Carter
Sandy Carter
Vice President, Amazon Web Services
Sir Martin Sorrell
Sir Martin Sorrell
Founder & Executive Chairman, S4 Capital

Webit is doing an enormous service.

Eric Schmidt
Co-Founder, Schmidt Futures; Former CEO, Google

Our Mission is Generating societal and environmental change through fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and exponential technologies.

Plamen Russev, Ph.D
Executive Chairman, Webit.Foundation

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Bringing together thousands of investors, innovators, policy makers and media
across some of the major industries such as:


What to expect?

Live Sessions

Watch live some of the world's brightest minds, most impactful individuals and innovators speaking.

Workshops & Roundtables

You may organize your own virtual event and save you all the hassle by providing you with the perfect virtual venue and making sure you target your audience.

R&D Hub

Showcasing Universities and Research & Development Centres who will be conceptualizing the future.

Founders Games

Founders Games by Webit is the world’s largest Growth Stage Challenge with over 6000 company applications. This year we announce the world’s biggest ever, globally award of $6’000’000!

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Networking Space

Dedicated zone in the networking area will act as an experience zone for demonstrating existing and future technological innovations.

The Webit Summer Edition
shall take place in-person in NDK Sofia and virtualy in the Metaverse

Founders Games Awards Ceremony!

Founders Games

The world's impact innovation challenge! Supporting exponential innovation for a better, healthier, desirable, accessible,responsible sustainable and resilient future!

Founders Games by Webit is the world’s largest Growth Stage Challenge with over 3000 company applications. This year we announce the world’s biggest ever, globally award of $6’000’000.

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Webit catalyzed the rise of the host city as a location for technology talent and investment.


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Webit defines the innovation landscape in Europe.

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Gathering the region’s leading tech entrepreneurs together to discuss the future of digital markets

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