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Scott Arpajian

Scott Arpajian

CEO, Softonic

With more than 20 years of experience in technology, Scott Arpajian has been a leader at some of the most iconic and recognizable companies in the world. Since joining Softonic in 2015, Scott has taken one of Europe’s largest internet sites in terms of traffic (ranked #1 in European global online audience with 100M visits per month) and led its transformation into a solutions-focused business. 

An industry pioneer, in 1997 Scott founded the software distribution portal at CNET. later became the leading site for software, mobile applications and game downloads globally. 

Prior to Softonic, Scott was Vice President of Business Development and International Strategy at Disney Interactive’s Social and Mobile Games division. He also served as Vice President of Product at the online gaming portal iWin. 

Both an executive and an entrepreneur, Scott founded his own startup, Dizzywood, which was an innovator in the online virtual worlds space.  

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