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Norihisa Wada

Norihisa Wada

Executive SeVP & CMO EdulLab

Executive SeVP &  CMO  EdulLab, Inc.; SVP, IE Institute Co., Ltd.; Academia-Industry Advisor Kyoto University. 

Norihisa Wada is the CMO of Tokyo- based Edulab, Inc., the leading innovator of education with a strong basis in assessment and learning science. Norihisa drives the business innovation and investment in the field of EdTech. He is also a Business- Academia Advisor for Kyoto University with a passion for the instructional and behavior design. He has attended many international conferences as a presenter representing Japan in “Gamification” and “Mobile Learning”. He has numerous proven track record at the cross-section of education and games in both consumer and enterprise oriented companies including nintendoDS Study projects and mobile carrier education platform service projects. 

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