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Dobroslav	Dimitrov

Dobroslav Dimitrov

Co-founder, Imperia Online

Dobroslav Dimitrov is a serial entrepreneur, avid game designer, charismatic lecturer, space enthusiast and the current CEO of Imperia Online. Dobroslav has a degree in Finance from the University of Central Oklahoma in the USA. In the past decade he has:

  • co-founded Imperia Online – a Bulgarian game production company with more than 30 million registered users;
  • co-founded Imperia Mobile – one of the largest outsourcing studios for mobile applications in Bulgaria;
  • co-founded IT Talents – the only academy for free education of developers, that realizes 87% of its graduates in more than 60 partner IT companies;
  • mentored start-up projects at Launchub and Eleven; and
  • lectured at many international conferences and seminars.

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