From our Chairman

When we started with the first Webit event in Sofia back in 2008, the level of the ecosystem in Bulgaria was in a state, that most of the people perceived what we called “tech conference” as a music genre and half of our 1000 attendees requested refund for the tickets they bought, because they thought that it was a techno music event and expected DJs on the stages (see how VentureBeat told this story).

Years later the story is completely different, but we are still looking for the opportunity to grow local and regional ecosystems through empowering them with the density of opportunities that other destinations like London, Berlin or the Bay Area have.

It is unlikely to see a Webit large scale event in locations such as London, Paris, Berlin as our work is mission driven. We go places not to take advantage of the developed ecosystem, but to help create and grow ecosystem and to establish the city, the country the region as a talent and investment attractive hub. To build unfair advantage for them and to help them grow its regional and global footprint.

We are organizing some of the largest scale digital economy events, attended from 5000 to 15 000 people from 110 countries and we have one of the biggest global communities of digital and tech leaders and shapers of the digital transformation both business and social with over 100000 community members from all around the world.

Webit is still committed to creating happiness and empowering the entrepreneurism as a driver to improve the state of the world (please read this article published by World Economic Forum). We believe that happiness is where people are successful while staying together with their family and friends.

Our impact in both policy and business domains comes from our proven commitment to the above statement proven by the results (read this Forbes article) and the outcome of our work during the past years (since 2008).

While chasing that goal, we are working on one thing - creating density of opportunities by bringing the top entrepreneurs, investors, enterprise leaders, academia and policy makers from all around the world to the locations where we are needed. And further use this energy in forging programs and relations between academia, government, startups, enterprise.

Webit is where there is a real need to ignite and further build ecosystems.

Plamen Russev
Executive Chairman Webit.Foundation

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