Why the 2024 Webit theme
is “Preview the Future”?

Dear friends,
The board of Webit.Foundation selected the theme "Preview the Future" for Webit.Festival 2024 edition in Sofia. There is a very good reason for this.

The best part of being able to preview a document before printing it is that it gives you an opportunity to fix things you might not like.

The Webit.Foundation and the global Webit community are committed to building a desirable future and bringing it closer by using exponential technologies and, above all, gathering amazing people with hearts to plan and pave this future together!

When you experience (some of our previous participants):


Revolutionizing Unmanned Airborne Logistics and Manned Flight.


The First Companion Robot with advanced AI


The only shoes for walking in VR that won’t let you bounce into a wall.


Hoverbike that can traverse any terrain just a couple of feet off the ground.

Iron Man

World's most advance JetPack


World's most recognisable humanoid robot

The "Ordinary Man"

Nigel's bionic arm which he uses with orders from his brain

The Future of Healthcare

Virtual and augmented reality applied into a real life surgery


Wireless Power Network that enables battery-powered drones to recharge while still in flight.

You know this is Webit!

But you also know there are all these global technology, business, academia, policy and spiritual leaders who are there to discuss the challenges all these new inventions bring, preview them and create a desirable future master plan together.

This is the reason Webit.Festival 2024 comes under the theme "Preview the Future."

Come, experience the future as foreseen and invented by some of the brightest minds on this planet, share back the future you foresee and create and together pave the way to the desirable future and bring it closer.

See you at Webit.Festival 2024 on October 23–24 in Sofia.

Dr. Plamen Russev
Executive Chairman of the Board, Webit.Foundation
Goodwill Ambassador for Digital Affairs, Republic of Bulgaria
Serial Entrepreneur / Investor
www.russev.com | www.webit.org