About Webit

Webit Global Festivals and the Webit Community are the heart and soul
of Webit Foundation - a not-for-profit organization.

Our Mission generate societal and environmental change through fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and exponential technologies.

Plamen Russev, Ph.D
Executive Chairman, Webit.Foundation


Webit Foundation was established 3 years after the start of the Webit events aiming to support with grants innovative and fast growing scale-up companies. Since 2009 over 1'500 companies from 140 countries have received grants providing them access to Webit Festival, exhibition spaces ad booths, event tickets, sponsorships, services, incl matchmaking with investors, corporate partners; PR and media services;


On March 17, 2024 NASDAQ from the world's most iconic facade of the capital markets, congratulated Webit for our role in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship on a global scale.

Webit events

Webit is one of the largest business / technology, policy, investors and scale up companies communities that gathers at Webit events with 250'000+ in-person attendees and 1'500'000+ virtual attendees so far with 80% founders and executive level.

Back in 2008 Webit became a brainchild of Dr. Plamen Russev who wanted to create a brand new global platform which to represent the term 'convergence' in the events industry. While the technology was fast developing, there was no such event in the world which to gather all industries impacted by the tech at one place.

Webit became the first in the world event of this kind which became host of 10 (at later stage 14) parallel stages hosting summits on topics from Health Innovation and Biotech, through Branding and Marketing, EdTech and Education, FinTech, Cyber Security to Defence and more.

It might be something usual today, but back in 2008 this was perceived crazy as the events were to be very focused and specialised back in that time. So basically Webit created a new breed of events which today are spread around the globe.

During the years the Webit events became a meeting ground not only for large corporates and policy makers, but also innovators and investors. Webit became the first event in the world to establish a global competition and to provide expo space and tickets alongside other services for the top 100+ companies for free in harmony with Webit's mission.

Founders Games

Founders Games became the flagship premier, global scale-up competition and platform to select the best founders who not only create highly scalable and high growth businesses, but in our days also generating social and environmental positive change and gives the world's biggest funding award of $6M (six million USD).

The history of success of the finalists of the Founders Games is world known. The fact is that each finalist of the Games closes a financing round up to 3-4 months (latest) after being announced.

The FG6 Index - tracing the attracted capital by the FG finalists for the past 6 years is 6.9, meaning that all finalists for the past 6 years, cumulatively have increased their attracted capital by 6.9 times.

Webit Investment Network Plc

The power of our global network and the trust accumulated during the past 17 years resulted in Webit Investment Network (BSE: WIN).
WIN became the first publicly listed investment company creating high financial returns while generating social and environmental change alongside. WIN invests in high growth, late stage scale-ups which not only represent highly scalable and innovative businesses but also impact at least 1 of the UN SDGs. Thus proving that saving the humankind can and should be a sustainable and profitable business itself.

The WIN IPO was on June 6, 2022 and it was 2,43 times oversubscribed by over 750 investors. This result reaffirmed the power of the Webit brand and the trust of our network! During the same time Nasdaq was -40% and S&P500 index was down by 30%..

WIN is open to everyone who cares to generate social and environmental impact alongside profiting from investing in high growth, global scale-ups.

Impact Areas

Since 2009 Webit has boosted thousands of projects and companies,
has helped build ecosystems, change cities and countries.

Five Impact Areas


Thought Leaders | Policy | Education | Jobs & Future of work | Exponential technologies: Blockchain, AI


Cybertech | Brand Stories | Fintech and Crypto | Telecommunication | Transportation | Retail | Exponential technologies: Blockchain, AI


Climate | Energy | Green Growth | SDGs | Industry 4.0 | Water | Exponential technologies: Blockchain, AI


Biotech | Healthtech | Wellbeing | Longevity | Mental Health | Exponential technologies: Blockchain, AI


Digital Entertainment | Future of Media | Freedom of Speech | Content Delivery | Misinformation and Reliable Sources | Exponential technologies: Blockchain, AI


The soul of Webit Foundation is the global Webit community reaching out to over 1,500,000 digerati from all around the world. The heart of Webit are the annual festivals gathering together thousands of global leaders and experts, academia and policy makers across some of the major industries:


The Webit community pledge to 2030 sdg goals

SDG 2030

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