Group Tickets & Discounts

It's simple - the more people you bring along, the cheaper it is. And more fun too :)

Quantify your Webit visit with a group multiplier. Bring your team and connect with more people who matter for your business, explore more ideas and get inspired together.

It could be for a professional development goals, or sales and marketing campaign, or a team building and training – Webit is the place to fulfill them all. Add to this the special, unforgettable Webit experience which only the Festival can provide and you are all set to achieve your company goals.

Discounts for number of visitors

More impactful and fun too :)

  • 5% discount for 3 to 5 tickets
  • 10% discount for 5 to 9 tickets
  • 15% discount for 10 to 20 tickets

The discount is applied automatically during the online registration process.

Groups of 15 or more

Contact us for special discounted package and conditions.

You may also consider becoming a Webit partner / exhibitor as we provide a number of tickets as part of the different partners' packages. Webit partners include world's largest companies, startups and government agencies and NGOs.