Cyrus Hodes

FoundersX Ventures / Partner

Cyrus Hodes

Cyrus Hodes is a Partner at FoundersX Ventures, a Silicon Valley VC firm focusing on AI and robotics.

He is the co-founder and Chair of the AI Initiative within The Future Society—a 501(c)3 incubated at Harvard Kennedy School—where he engages a wide range of global stakeholders to study, discuss and shape the governance of AI.

Co-leads the Global Data Commons project, together with the UN Secretary General Executive Office, AI Commons and McKinsey, with over 100 global institutions (international organizations, governments, municipalities, private sector and academia).

Cyrus served as the Advisor to the UAE Minister of Artificial Intelligence at Prime Minister’s Office, working on projects that will positively impact the world through the use of AI and help further global governance of AI solutions and has been leading for the past 3 years the Global Governance of AI Roundtable at the World Government Summit in Dubai. Cyrus was the Director of the Future Investment Initiative (FII) AI Symposium.

He is a member of the OECD Network of Experts on AI (ONE AI), the Aspen Institute Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence, the Council on Extended Intelligence (MIT-IEEE), and a co-author of IEEE Ethically Aligned Design. Cyrus is part of the AI Ethics Board of Smart Dubai and is an AI Governance Advisor at Shanghai Institute for Science of Science (SISS).

Educated at Sciences Po Paris, where he later was a Lecturer; M.A. (Hons) Paris II University in Defense, Geostrategy and Industrial Dynamics; M.P.A. Harvard Kennedy School of Government.