Godfrey Nazareth

X-Biomedical / President and CEO

Godfrey Nazareth

Godfrey is an Entrepreneur, Biomedical Engineer and Research Scientist. His experience as an innovator/hacker/maker spans over 15 years across a variety of industries including healthcare, medtech, assistive technology, aerospace, avionics, pharmaceuticals, and foods. Some of Godfrey's several notable collaborations include the US Military, US Spaceforce, NASA, American Heart Association, University of Pennsylvania, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Penn State University, Drexel University, The Philadelphia Pediatric Medical Device Consortium etc.  On a personal note he has been proactively battling classical ALS; he uses a wide variety of self-built assistive devices to function, operate, and interact at the highest levels possible.

Godfrey is President & CEO of X-Biomedical Inc. a medtech spin out from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), formed to capitalize and commercialize on cutting edge next generation tech developed over years in labs at CHOP. X-Biomedical is poised to disrupt a multi-billion dollar surgical visualization technology market. 


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