Matiss Neimanis

Buildit Latvia / Managing Partner

Matiss Neimanis

Matiss Neimanis is running the accelerator and investment fund – Buildit Latvia, who believes in hardware startups and makes them investable. Yes, it is not easy, but he believes in the real world. Also, he thinks people will like to stay in the real world, to use products they can touch, to smell, and to feel.

BTW – technologies allow us to organize the virtual meetups and events. There is an option to stream online, and all of us could stay at home or the office. But for some reason, people organize events and people are ready to cross the ocean, to sit in the plane or on the bus for several hours to meet other people in face to face, to see them, to feel them.

He also believes that innovation not about earning more money but about generating wealth for society in a responsible way.


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