Alonso Cebrian

Telefonica / Chief Digital Officer

Alonso Cebrian

Chema Alonso is Chief Digital Consumer Officer at Telefónica, responsible for B2C products & services, innovation and Digital Transformation & Platforms. He also supervises Telefónica’s data strategy and the Fourth Platform, a transformative technological project to drive the company’s digital transformation that has allowed both the launch of multiple services such as AURA, Telefónica’s Cognitive Intelligence, and achieved multiple internal efficiencies. A renown hacker, he launched ElevenPaths, Telefónica’s cybersecurity unit.

He obtained doctorates in Computer Security at the King Juan Carlos University in Madrid that recently awarded him the Honoris Causa PhD.  He also holds a degree in and Technical Engineering degree in Computer Systems from the Polytechnic University of Madrid that appointed him as Honorary Ambassador of the University School of Computer Science in 2012.


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