Bianca Salonga

Forbes / Correspondent

Bianca Salonga

Bianca is a storyteller. Her career in lifestyle publishing and journalism spans 20 years. It began during university when she interned for a term magazine. What was once a requirement for graduating soon led to an exciting journey of chasing down stories and crafting them for readers to learn from and find inspiration in. She worked first as an editorial assistant for People Asia and later joined an esteemed roster of columnists at the Philippine Star.

In 2009, Bianca took a hiatus from publishing to pursue an MBA in Luxury Goods and Industries at Mod’Art International in Paris (under Perpignan University). It was a decision influenced by a love for fashion, design and fine living which took root during her tenure as Features Editor for the Philippines’ premiere fashion magazine, Mega.

Life in Paris as an MBA student deepened understanding for true luxury and heritage. It revealed a new aspect in the luxury realm anchored on inspiring brand and product stories that truly resonate to a consumer’s sensibilities.

Bianca returned to Manila after two years to out up her own e-commerce business, It was her first foray into luxury retail, distinguished by an advocacy for promoting local design.

While business proved exciting and new, writing remained the main passion. Bianca was asked to join the editorial team of luxury magazine Lifestyle Asia in 2015. It was an offer she could not refuse. She was Managing Editor for the country’s first lifestyle magazine until 2017.

When she finally decided to take a step back from the fast paced life of an editor, Bianca came across the opportunity to work as a correspondent/contributor for It only reinforced that no matter the stage or phase in life, Bianca would always find her way back into storytelling. The year 2020 marks her fourth year as a Forbes correspondent/contributor and Bianca has no intentions of slowing down.

Topics she covers for Forbes include fashion, beauty, design and wellness. She takes on a more experiential and personal approach to her writing, with particular interest in stories that highlight mindfulness, sustainability, clean eating, meditation and healing. Stories anchored on new innovation for leading the best life are what fuel her passion. “Happier, healthier and whole,” are words that inform not only her new lifestyle but also the stories she takes on.

Between deadlines, Bianca does consultancy work in PR, marketing and communications. She has served fashion, design, health and beauty brands. She creates brand stories for her clients that inspire lifestyles of self-love, self-care and mindfulness.