Prof. Dr. Alexandra Wuttig

IUBH Internationale Hochschule / Innovation and Law Diversity Officer

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Wuttig

Alexandra was born in Bucharest, studied Law in Frankfurt and Graz as well as Entrepreneurship at IE Business School in Madrid. She is a Professor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation focusing in supporting women as startup investors and also on the question how Entrepreneurship principles and technologies can help to further develop our democracy. She initiated the first online incubator for startups at a German University. She is a trusted advisor to the public sector, supporting innovation on startup investments mechanism and in politics.

Alexandra had previously several leadership positions and founded companies where she promoted innovation and diversity. Right now, she is working on two projects: 

  • setting up a public private co-investment fund with focus on female investors and entrepreneurs and
  • an incubator for political entrepreneurship.


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