Max Bautin

IQ Capital / Founding partner

Max Bautin

Max is a founding partner of IQ Capital, a $400m AUM early stage deep-tech VC fund based in Cambridge and London. He has worked in venture capital since 2001 and has led investments into over two dozen start-ups - including Grapeshot (Oracle), Phonetic Arts (Google), Neul (Huawei), Stillfront (IPO), Quotient (EKF) and Spectral Edge (Apple). He currently represents IQCP on the boards of Audio Analytic, Concirrus, Fluidic Analytics and Thought Machine and works several seed stage companies as board advisor.

Max has been a member of InvestEurope (ex-EVCA) Venture Capital Council since 2015 and was elected to the Association’s board in 2019. 

Max holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Cambridge.


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