Tomas Martunas

Iron Wolf Capital / Founding Partner

Tomas Martunas

Tomas is Founding Partner of Iron Wolf Capital Early Stage VC in Baltics and invests visionary people who are ready to develop BOLD Startups. As Angel Tomas invested early of few BOLD startups, including Dancerbus (EV bus made from composite material), Aichom (Solution for Alzheimer), Ooniq (P2P community based self-insurance). 

He was CEO for leading mobile app development company Appcamp, board member of Pigu Group biggest e-commerce in Baltics with >100m EUR Sales, Foodout Group ant few more interesting startups. 

Before entrepreneur and investor journey Tomas spent 12 years in banking leading various departments. Teams under Tomas’ management achieved corporate lending of a ~9 Bil. EUR portfolio running through the cycle and implemented other cost saving and value creating projects.

Numerous awards won: Brave Investment of the Year 2015 (Ministry of Economics), the European Enterprise Promotion Award and The Best Entrepreneurship Spirit Initiative in Europe 2014 (European Commission), CSR Initiative of the Year 2014 (Swedish Business Awards), Most Successful Young High-tech Company in Lithuania 2013 (Knowledge Economy Forum), supported by the President of Lithuania.

Finally Tomas  has 2 Master degrees inLaw and Finance, Black belt 2nd Dan Karate Shotokan and last but not least is happy husband and father of 5 wonderful kids.