Mohammad Davari

InnoBrain / CEO and Co-founder

Mohammad Davari

Mohammad Davari is the CEO and Co-founder of InnoBrain - a Neurotech company based in Stockholm - with the vision to reveal the brain’s fingerprints. With his multidisciplinary team, they developed an automated platform to track cognitive and emotional states using the foundation of Neuroscience and the analysing power of Artificial Intelligence. The aim of this platform is to derive automated, objective, unbiased and diverse data from a person’s cognitive and emotional states.

InnoBrain is now serving companies within but not limited to: Media, Gaming, Medical device, Automotive, Aviation, Food, Advertisement, Architecture and Industrial Design. In 2019 the startup won Sweden's largest innovation prize (SKAPA, in the memory of Alfred Nobel) in Stockholm County.

Mohammad has a background in Engineering Sciences with a PhD from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and has complemented his studies in Business and Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School as well as at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.


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