Dr. Tommaso Gagliardoni

Kudelski Security / Quantum Security Expert

Dr. Tommaso Gagliardoni

Dr. Tommaso Gagliardoni is a cryptographer, privacy hacktivist, and quantum security expert. He works as a researcher and innovation leader at Kudelski Security, a Swiss-American security company providing tailored solutions to enterprises and public-sector clients, where he operates in the team responsible for defining the future of services and products offered to business, governments, and academic organizations. Tommaso is currently focused on leading the innovation efforts in redefining cybersecurity in the new Quantum Age.

Dr. Gagliardoni has an extensive academic background: he published many influential peer-reviewed papers in the areas of cryptography, quantum computing, security, and privacy, and spoke at many international conferences in these fields. He is known, among other achievements, for his collaborations in solving the longstanding problem of adaptive quantum authentication (EUROCRYPT 2018, TQC 2019) and breaking the security of ISO-standard smart card protocol PLAID (Real World Crypto 2015, SSR 2015). He serves as a Program Committee member at international academic conferences focused on cryptography and quantum computing, such as PQCRYPTO. He also has a background in privacy hacktivism and ethical hacking, speaking at venues such as the International Journalism Festival and the E-Privacy Meeting, and being a strong advocate of the FOSS philosophy and digital freedoms.

Tommaso obtained an M.Sc. in Mathematics at the University of Perugia, Italy, and a PhD at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, with a dissertation on the quantum security of cryptographic primitives. Before joining Kudelski Security, he worked in the Security and Privacy group at IBM Research Zurich.


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