Mandy GIlbert

Creative Niche / Founder

Mandy GIlbert

Mandy Gilbert is an entrepreneur, CEO, speaker, writer and investor. In 2002, she started Creative Niche, a recruitment firm on $8,000. Today, it brings in more than $10m in sales and has placed thousands of creative, digital, and marketing talent across North America. In 2015, Mandy Co-founded RED Academy, a design and technology college that employs 50+ staff across its campuses and has done more than $5m in impact work. 

Mandy builds companies based on integrity and impact and her accolades include the Enterprising Women of the Year Award and the United Nations Global Accelerator. She is a graduate of the EO/MIT’s elite Entrepreneurial Masters Program and Bell Leadership Institute. Mandy is a weekly columnist for, Director of The Remix Project, an organization that works on leveling the playing field for young people from disadvantaged communities and Board Member of her YPO Chapter.


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