Ivan Verbesselt

NAGRA / Senior VP Marketing

Ivan Verbesselt

Ivan Verbesselt is Senior Vice President Group Marketing with NAGRA. 

Previously, Ivan was Vice President in charge of Alcatel’s TV business after having led the Product Marketing and CTO office of Alcatel’s Broadband Access business.

Ivan started his career in telecommunications in 1990 with Alcatel's Corporate Research department where he enjoyed contributing to the design of several category defining products in the broadband access space.

Ivan has also held various positions in product management for broadband access products and services, both within Alcatel and Belgacom, and was Principal of Quadratio Consulting Ltd focusing on Broadband TV.

Ivan Verbesselt holds a Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electronic Engineering from Brussels University and an Executive Degree in Business Administration from Solvay Business School (CEPAC). He is a frequent industry speaker and has also been active as a guest professor in Marketing at the International University in Geneva. In his free time he enjoys endurance sports, skiing, tennis, cooking and playing jazz saxophone.