Lt Col Jennifer “JJ” Snow

Air Force / U.S. Special Operations Command Innovation Officer

Lt Col Jennifer “JJ” Snow

Lt Col Jennifer “JJ” Snow is the AFWERX Innovation Officer for the U.S. Air Force, SAF-A8I, the Pentagon. She serves as the military representative for technology outreach and engagement bridging the gap between government and various technology communities to improve collaboration and communications, identify smart solutions to wicked problems and guide the development of future technology policy to benefit the US Air Force, Department of Defense, Interagency and Allied partners. 

Prior to her current assignment, Lt Col Snow was the Donovan Group Innovation Officer for US Special Operations Command and the SOFWERX Innovation Team. She is a Distinguished Graduate of the Naval Postgraduate School. Her work has been presented to members of the National Security Council, the White House and key seniors across the DoD, IC and Interagency to inform and highlight emergent risks and opportunities involving technology and technology influenced environments.


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