Ajay Bhalla

Mastercard for CyberTech / President Cyber and Intelligence Solutions

Ajay Bhalla

Ajay Bhalla is President of Cyber & Intelligence Solutions at Mastercard, where he leads the team responsible for creating the technology solutions of today to tackle the threats of tomorrow. He is a passionate advocate for identifying ways in which future technologies such as artificial intelligence, biometrics and cyber security can be ethically deployed to make a positive contribution to society. 

 Under Ajay’s tenure, Mastercard has embedded these technologies across its network, powering key security solutions for more than 75 billion transactions per year saving billions of dollars of potential fraud. Mastercard is today harnessing the capabilities of AI and biometrics to enhance security solutions whilst retaining trust and convenience, as well as ensuring all of its partners who wish to deploy these solutions have access to the technical expertise and leadership engagement to ensure the most effective deployment and success. Ajay places the ethical considerations at the heart of the business and is a firm believer in moving the conversation from compliance to ‘doing the right thing’.

 Ajay plays a pivotal role in promoting financial inclusion and Mastercard’s ambition to provide 2.5 billion people globally with access to financial services. He also serves on the company's management committee, is a CEME Senior Fellow at Tufts University’s The Fletcher School, and a Connection Science Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


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