Pei Chen

ConsenSys / Director, Financial Services and Fintech

Pei Chen

Pei currently holds a leadership role at ConsenSys where she focuses on developing and executing core product GTM strategies, as well as building key partnerships in the Financial Services and FinTech sector. Previously, she was the COO of Token Foundry, a business advisory and fundraising platform built to provide end-to-end solutions to promising blockchain startups.

Prior to ConsenSys, she served as a Senior Product Manager at Goldman Sachs, leading a team of business architects and software developers to design and deploy strategic technology solutions for the Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives division across US, Asia and Europe. Pei received a Master's degree in Quantitative Finance from Lehigh University and a Bachelors in Economics with a Minor in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Zhejiang University.


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