Dr. Nivedita Lakhera

Physician, writer, artist, speaker

Dr. Nivedita Lakhera

Nivedita Lakhera, MD, Internal Medicine, works as a hospitalist at O'Connor Hospital in San Jose.  She has more than a decade of experience in Inpatient Medicine. She is considered to be one of the leading feminist contemporary poets and a staunch advocate of gender equality in all spheres of life, especially medicine and technology.

She sustained a massive stroke during the second year of her Internal Medicine residency. This jolting incident proved to be life-changing; and made her aware of the fragility of life, and the purpose of her own journey.

She is a prolific writer, having written 4000 poems and proses, besides having created a massive body of artwork - all while being dedicated to her professional practice of medicine.

She has created an impressive body of work that spans mixed media, acrylic, and sketches that have been exhibited and sold in several art exhibitions including Art Basel Miami.

She has published two poetry and art books- Pillow of Dreams, and, I Am Not A Princess, I Am A Complete Fairytale.

Pillow of Dreams - her first poetry book - has remained for three consecutive years the best-reviewed poetry book on Amazon.

Her second poetry book- I Am Not A Princess, I Am A Complete Fairytale - has been included in the syllabus of Peace and Justice at Michigan State University and at Wayne State University.

Besides being a celebrated and prolific poet, she is passionate about the performing arts, particularly dance and theater.

She proudly represents the voice of women of color in the diverse fields of medicine, literature, humanities, and art.

She is passionate about the use of technology in medicine and fervently believes in technology as the only way to democratize medicine. She endorses AI, blockchain technology, and machine learning towards that cause.

She is a frequent public speaker and a keynote speaker. Besides the usual topics of medicine, she talks about the subject of pain as a unique university to learn from, healing based on growth and learning, and compassion for the self as the key to real fulfilling oneself and helping others.

She encourages women to not limit their identity to their profession or relationship, and instead, to widen it to include the desire to grow and learn, and the freedom to pursue their dreams.

She encourages in women the world over, the virtue of forgiveness to keep moving forward in life, and the spirit to boldly endeavor to take up positions in the society that require humanity- influencing decisions to be made, and never be ever defined by their past or other's opinions of them.