Peter Stark

Infinity Media / Speaker of the Board

Peter Stark

As interim manager and coach he mainly works in German-speaking countries but also has experiences in der UK and especially in the US. Peter is founder and CEO of several companies in different areas of industry. He has his roots in classical business administration. 

After a 1.5-year stay in the US, he discovers his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and becomes a partner of Winterheller software GmbH. This is where the award winning planning and budgeting software Professional Planner is being developed. Peter Stark was responsible for sales and the development of international locations. He is a lecturer at several Universities in Vienna or St. Gallen but also for IRR, for Management Circle or the Asia Pacific Institute in China. Peter is also a very popular speaker. His latest project is called 24hours-leadership. It is a festival where different managers and entrepreneurs tell their leadership success stories. 

Selection of mandates 
Saarbrücken: CSO of Medtron AG (development and distribution of injectors)
Vienna: CEO of Infinity media (digital Out Of Home Media) 
Berlin: CEO of Berliner Synchron AG (synchronization of TV series, films and movies)  Hockenheim: Mentoring the innovation team at Lichtfeld (Tele-Medicine) 
Vienna: Leadership Coach at BENE AG (production and distribution of office furniture) 
Günzburg, Laibach, Ravenna: CEO of RE & Invest GmbH (Photovoltaik plants - renewable energy) 


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