Jorge Muzy

Valor Health / CEO

Jorge Muzy

Pilot of the Brazilian Air Force at AFA - Air Force Academy.

He has an MBA in Information Technology Business Management at FGV, trained by the Dom Cabral Foundation's Development of Counselors Program, specialist in Incentive Laws for Culture, Sport, Education and Innovation, and Bachelor of Theology from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Studying Academic Master's Degree in Education, Art and History of Culture at Mackenzie Presbyterian University.Executive in the Services, Health, Education, Technology and Innovation industries. Specialized in new businesses and startups. Career in large-sized corporations, B2C and B2B markets. Professional with an entrepreneuring, business-oriented, strategic planning, marketing, and business development profile. Organizational talent; decision-making ability as circumstances require, emanates positive energy, knows how to motivate people; managerial ability without fear of taking risks; versatile and loaded with emotional intelligence; relentlessly committed; good public speaking and persuasion skills; resources management; planning and organizing skills; perseverance and consistency; teamwork and leadership. Qualified networking, connected with over 14K C-Level at LinkedIn in more than 10 countries, Outlook with over 50K executives in top and middle management, over 20K followers in social networks.He was corporate director of marketing, sales, planning and new business at AMIL, Director of Système Tec at Ticket Restaurante, CEO of Rio de Janeiro Hospital Group, CEO of Marambaia Capital Group, COO of IBMEC Business School, International Consultant of UNESCO and Director of Innovation, Mergers and Acquisitions of the NC Group / EMS, Founder and Chairman of INSTITUTO VALOR. 

Muzy is currently Head of the Global Park Healthcare Ecosystem at Bueno Netto, which is building the Health Park, which will be the most sophisticated real estate development of the century in Sao Paulo, designed to bring together and integrate in one place: Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Genomics Center, Wellness, Student Housing, Senior Living, Co-Working, University contemplating colleges of all health disciplines, commercial towers, residential, shopping mall, Convention Center, Hotel and Metro Station within the complex. Married to Solange, has two children and is a glider pilot. 


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