Junaid Bajwa

MSD / Global Leader for Strategic Alliances, Digital Accelerator

Junaid Bajwa

Dr Junaid Bajwa is a practicing physician, the Global Lead for Strategic Alliances + Solutions for the Global Digital Centre of Excellence at MSD. Academically he is a Visiting Scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health, and a Clinical Associate Professor at UCL, London.

He has been interested in the use of technology and data to improve patient outcomes for many years, and has worked with NHS England, and Verily (part of Google's Alphabet parent organisation) on projects involving AI and data analytics. Junaid has worked in primary care as a physician and in the payer, provider and regulatory markets within the UK where he specialized in informatics, digital transformation, and leadership. He has consulted for health care systems across the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Europe, in addition to being seconded by the NHS to work with IBM.


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