Maria Rua Aguete

Omdia / Executive Director

Maria Rua Aguete

Maria Rua Aguete is an executive director at IHS Markit, focusing on Media, Service Providers & Platforms.

Ms. Rua Aguete leads the strategic development and manages the day-to-day operations of the media team, tracking the evolution of global service providers and operators. She created the team while at Screen Digest, now part of IHS Markit. Their research on service providers leverages long-standing relationships with operators in all 70+ markets covered by IHS Markit, resulting in the most comprehensive source of television and operator market intelligence in the world. She has participated in reports, including the European Cable Yearbook and has led or been a significant contributor to many consulting projects for high profile media and technology companies, including market launch plans for an emerging television group, launching a Latin American DTT platform for a major channel group, evaluating purchase of a satellite pay-TV provider for a private equity group, performing commercial due diligence on a cable TV components business for a major international bank, competitive review and strategic analysis for a major international channel operator, review of investment opportunities in the European cable market for a venture capital group, and market report and due diligence on a localization services (dubbing/subtitling) company for an investment bank. Ms. Maria Rua Aguete holds a first class degree in economics and business studies from Vigo University, Spain, and an MBA from Cardiff Business School, United Kingdom. She is a regular speaker at events like IBC and MWC.



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