Art and Tech Summit


Welcome to Webit Festival 2024's Art and Tech Summit, where innovation meets creativity in an exhilarating blend of technology and art. Join us in embracing the future as we explore the convergence of these two dynamic worlds.

Our Art and Tech Summit will delve into the fascinating topic of Augmented Humanity from diverse perspectives, immersive technologies redefine the art market, blockchain ensures authenticity, AI revolutionizes creativity, mobile apps transform accessibility, 3D technologies open new possibilities, robotic art introduces novel forms of creation, art workflow platforms streamline processes, IoT enhances interactivity, art analytics brings data-driven insights, and digital collection management revolutionizes artwork preservation.

Building Blocks

Art Analytics Mobile Apps Blockchain Blockchain Artificial Intelligence Digital Collection Management Digital Collection Management 3D Technologies Internet of Things for Art Smartist builds an Art Showcasing App Immersive Technologies


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