Elitza Stoilova

Umni.co / CEO

Elitza Stoilova

Elitza Stoilova is the Founder and CEO of Chatbot agency Umni.co, automating the communication of the business with customers and other processes in Facebook Messenger and the business web site using chatbot technology.

Umni.co creates, maintains and trains virtual assistants for businesses from various industries - healthcare, tourism, HR, entertainment, and others. Umni chatbots provide information to customers 24/7 through integrations with database, CRM and other systems and platforms, performing also various sales & marketing and customers care tasks.

Among Umni’ customers are Reverse Dermatology Clinic, 4-star hotels “Kamengrad Hotel & Spa” and “Earth & People Hotel & Spa”, the singer Jina Stoeva, Varna Regional Library and others.

The largest initiative of Umni.co is the first city chatbot in Bulgaria, Plovdiv City Concierge – a virtual assistant in Messenger in English, released in April 2019 to support the visitors of Plovdiv with tourist and helpful information in partnership with In Your Pocket Bulgaria. Plovdiv City Concierge is backed up with conversational AI to enhance user communication and satisfaction.

Before to enter the tech world, Elitza spent over 20 years abroad in hospitality in Sales and Marketing, Operations as well as on the position of a General Manager of a hotel. She has been honored twice with Government awards by the Marianas Visitors Authority, the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (USA) Tourism Authority, for being instrumental for developing this destination throughout the years (2003-2016). She is a member of American Hotels & Lodging Association, Rotary Club, BBBA, BESCO and other professional and business organizations.

Upon returning to Bulgaria 2 years ago, Elitza participated and graduated from The Founder Institute, the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program with Umni’ project for chatbots for hotels. Since then, she has been speaker in various events about digitization in tourism and hospitality, usage of virtual assistants as part of the overall business digital strategy, as well as about women in tech.