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Exploratorium stage

Opening Health Summit

Prof. Shafi Ahmed (Medical Realities / Chief Medical Officer)

Opening: Digitalisation

Kiril Ananiev (Republic of Bulgaria / Minister of Health)

Keynote: Population Health

Mark Davies (IBM / Chief Medical Officer)

Keynote: Age is just a number?

Dr. John Beard (World Health Organization / Former Director of Life Course and Ageing)

Keynote: Immortality as a policy objective – good or bad

Joseph Elborn (European Health Parliament / President)

Keynote + Demo: iRise

Lubomir Vassilev (iRise / Captain)

Keynote: The Passion Project – the stories of everyday healthcare heroes.

Vernon Bainton (Havas Lynx Group / Chief Medical Officer)

Matt Eagles (Havas Lynx Group / Head of Patient Engagement)

Keynote: Future of Healthcare

Dr. Daniel Kraft (Singularity University / Chair for Medicine)

Keynote: AI and Benefits to Healthcare

Mark O’Herlihy (IBM Watson Health / Managing Director EMEA)

Keynote: Clinical decision making by AI

Hila Azadzoy (Ada Health / Managing Director, Global Health Initiative)

Keynote: AI transforming healthcare insurance

Plamen Petrov (Anthem Inc. / VP Artificial Intelligence and Exponential Technologies and Chief Data Officer)

Keynote: Blockchain in healthcare

Tatyana Kanzaveli (Open Health Network / CEO)

Keynote: Disrupting communication

Dr. Sandeep Bansal (Medic Creations / Founder and CEO)

Panel discussion: Integrated Care

Prof. Shafi Ahmed (Medical Realities / Chief Medical Officer)

Mark O’Herlihy (IBM Watson Health / Managing Director EMEA)

Mark Davies (IBM / Chief Medical Officer)

Keynote: How to innovate your thinking?

Mariya Filipova (Anthem, Inc / VP of Innovation)

Fireside chat: Digital Health Transformation in Abu Dhabi

Prof. Shafi Ahmed (Medical Realities / Chief Medical Officer)

Abdulla Al Ali (Department of Health Abu Dhabi / Senior Health Quality Auditor)

Dr. Dirk Richter (Department of Health Abu Dhabi / Senior Advisor to Director Healthcare Quality Office )

Keynote: Changing the experience of Health

Eugene Borukhovich (Bayer / Global Head Of Digital Health)

Keynote: The Strategy to Success

Christopher Hafner (Grovelands / Executive Director)

Keynote: Use technology to save lives

Stefano Cucca (Radoff Srl / Strategic Manager)


Stefano Cucca (Radoff Srl / Strategic Manager)


Dr. Vishal Nangalia (Founder MedicalandMe, Consultant Anaesthetist and Medical Machine Learning Ninja)


Paul Roberts (GPDQ / CEO)


Marina Borukhovich (YourCoach Health / Founder & CEO)


Bilyana Vasileva (Bayer / Digital Specialist)


Mohanad Fors (Digital Health Innovation Lab, Novartis / Head of Biome)

Keynote: Mapping the human genome

Anu Acharya (Mapmygenome / CEO)

Keynote: Digital Therepeutics

Roberto Ascione (Healthware Group / CEO & Founder)

Keynote: Curing the Incurable

Dr. Jack Kreindler (The Centre for Health and Human Performance / CEO)

Keynote: Health in a world of digital biomarkers

Dr. Andreas Caduff (Biovotion / Founder)

Panel discussion: Digital health and innovation ecosystem in Bulgaria

Dr. Rosen Dimitrov (Novartis Bulgaria / Public Affairs Manager)

Prof. Dr. Ivo Petrov (Acibadem City Clinic Sofia / Head of Cardiology and Angiology Department)

Dr. Stanimir Hasurdjiev (Bulgarian National Patients’ Organization (NPO) / Founder and Chairperson)

Keynote: Digital Surgery

Prof. Shafi Ahmed (Medical Realities / Chief Medical Officer)

Keynote: Virtual Reality: when digital health gets therapeutic

Denise Silber (Doctors 2.0 & You / CEO)

Keynote: Oncomfort Digital Sedation: pure play digital therapeutics in anesthesia.

Diane Jooris (Oncomfort SA / Chief Scientific Officer)

Keynote: Future challenges for surgical research and oppurtunities for technology

Prof. Charles Knowles (Queen Mary University of London / Clinical Professor of Surgical Research)

Keynote: Future of Immersive technology

Matt Leatherbarrow (Medical Realities / CEO and a Co-Founder)

Keynote: Technology Enhanced Learning Using For Globalisation of Surgical Education

Bijendra Patel (Malta University / Professor)

Closing Webit Health

Prof. Shafi Ahmed (Medical Realities / Chief Medical Officer)

Industry stage

Panel discussion: Tourism Innovation Startups and Tech Solutions in Bulgaria. How they guarantee more satisfied tourists?!

Katya Todorova (MEmotion / Founder)

Andrey Lilov (URBO / Founder & CEO)

Viktor Todorov (Clientric Ltd. / Head of business development and operations)

Kalin Kamenov (Mayor of Vratsa)

Gencho Genchev (Media 35 / Managing Partner; Radio and TV host)

Elitza Stoilova (Umni.co / CEO)

Martina Bojanska (Metropolitan Hotel Sofia / Director of Sales & Marketing in Metropolitan)

Tanyo Shishkov (Nobel by Chef Shishkov / Chef and Creative Director)


Discussion with invited only audience

Panel Discussion: What the business needs to know about the SEM trends in 2019

Ognian Mladenov (SEOM.bg / SEO Expert)

Stanislav Dimitrov (Konversa / Founder)

Dimitar Dimitrov (InBound / Owner)

Nikola Minkov (Serpact / Founders & CEO)

Gennadiy Vorobyov (Netpeak Bulgaria / Founder and CEO)


Lunch Break

Panel Discussion: Digital Performance practices that really work

Georgi Malchev (Xplora.BG / Managing Partner)

Ognyan Popov (Prospecto Group / Founder)

Martin Milanov (Tavex Bulgaria / Head of Marketing)

Veselin Rogelov (NET1, Marketing Expert; Mobishape, Marketing Director)

Victoria Stancheva (Fashion Days / Marketing Manager)

Keynote: Why the Brand always wins the game...

Katya Todorova (MEmotion / Founder)

Panel Discussion: How to create Premium, Boutique or Mass Brands that matter

Katya Todorova (MEmotion / Founder)

Tsvetelina Nenkova (SuperHosting.bg / Marketing Manager)

Olya Antonova (Trastena Wines / Managing Partner)

Keynote: Social Media Trends in Bulgaria

Biser Valov (Beyond ID Studio / CEO)

Keynote: А single video on Facebook with more than 100 000 000 video views!? Really?

Yuli Tonkin (Entrepreneur, Investor, Writer)

Panel Discussion: Video Marketing that makes/breaks the rules

Peter Vladimirov (PVDigital / Digital Transformation, Consultations, Internet marketing)

Vladimir Karamazov (Аctor)

Keynote: Cause Marketing - how the “miracle” happens

Lazar Radkov (Live To Lift / Founder)

Panel Discussion: Creative is what makes the difference

Nikolay Dievski (HEINEKEN / Brand Manager Stolichno, Starobrno, & Ciders)

Angel Iskrev (proof /Digital Creative Director)

Georgi Zlatkov (The Smarts / Creative Director)

Elena Petrov (AVON / Brand Communications)

Maksim Stoimenov (Fine Acts / Communications Director )

Tanya Petrova (Pernod Ricard Bulgaria / Brand and Digital Manager)

Startup stage



Skychain Global

Voice Care





I Rise Mechanics 357


QUO Health


zio health





Absolute Module

Eco Wave Power


Hivemind AG


Spanner CI








Modeo Systems

Investors panel: Investors' Point of View: Investing in Early Stage Startups

Jon Soberg (MS&AD Ventures / Managing Partner)

Ethan Pierse (CryptoAssets Institute | BorderlessVentures / Director | Founding Partner)

David Citron (Global Founders Capital / Partner)

Gwendolyn Regina (Entrepreneur First / Entrepreneur)









Flat Manager

Car Scanner


Flyt Aerospace

Danube Tech


Fractal Mind




Ectabyte (Veontime)



DigitalTwin Technology



LeftShift IT




Tappable (NXT)

ARV Syndicate



Mind Rockets Inc

Fazla Gıda/Whole Surplus



Investors panel: Investor's point of view: Investing in growth stage companies

Jordan French (Grit Daily / Executive Editor)

Gwendolyn Regina (Entrepreneur First / Entrepreneur)

Dr. Nicolai Schättgen (Match Maker Ventures / Founder)

Marisa Todd (Code & Theory / Managing Director)


Rachel Peck (Microsoft / Startup Business Development Lead EMEA)

Andrew Macadam (Microsoft / Western Europe Managing Director for Startups)

Innovate stage

Opening Innovate! Summit

Dr. Plamen Russev (Webit Foundation / Founder & Chairman)

Keynote: Industry 4.0: What the future holds for manufacturing

Jessica Leigh Jones (Sony / Engineer)

Keynote: Should we resolve conflicts aggressively or peacefully?

Alexandre Roulin (University of Lausanne / Professor of Biology)

Fireside Chat: The Evolution and Challenges Of The On-Demand Economy

Ralph Simon (Mobilium / Innovator, Founder)

Oisin Hanrahan (Handy / Founder & Chief Executive Officer)

Keynote: Build a successful data driven media organization in the current era

Karthic Bala (Condé Nast / Chief Data Officer)

Keynote: Digital Journey of Turkish Airlines

Mehmet Gurkaynak (Turkish Airlines / General Manager Bulgaria )

Keynote: Innovate or die! – The future of retail.

Martin Wild (MediaMarktSaturn / Chief Innovation Officer)

Keynote: Introduction to Quantum Computing

Bo Ewald (D-Wave Systems / President)

Demo: How Drones disrupted the traditional geospatial (land management, mapping) as well as agriculture businesses by automation data collection and making a very manual task fully automated.

Jean-Thomas Célette (senseFly / Managing Director)

Keynote: Introducing companies to this new art of the possible - AI, the math at an enormous scale.

Keith Strier (EY / Senior Partner)

Fireside chat: ​Why and How Governments Are Taking Unprecedented Steps To Shape the Private Sector Adoption and Use of AI

Keith Strier (EY / Senior Partner)

Wayne Grixti (Malta Digital Innovation Authority | MALTA.AI Taskforce / CTO, Chairman )

Demo: Same-day Europe-wide delivery for EUR 5 or less... and other ways drones will reframe the global economy

Svilen Rangelov (Dronamics / Co-Founder)

Demo: iRise

Lubomir Vassilev (iRise / Captain)

Panel discussion: AI - the good, the bad and the ugly

Dr. Ben Goertzel (SingularityNET / CEO & Founder)

Jesus Mantas (IBM / Managing Partner, Global Strategy, Offerings, Digital Innovation, M&A, GBS)

Leah Hunter (Author)

Keynote: Brand safety in the era of programmatic: mission impossible?

Hristo Hristov (Netinfo / CEO)

Keynote: how AI and Machine learning can help with brand safety.

John Montgomery (GroupM / EVP, Global Brand Safety)

Demo: Cybershoes

Michael Bieglmayer (Cybershoes / CEO)

Keynote: Future of TV

Hristo Tuchev (H-Tech / Founder)

Keynote: Saving the Earth from Space

Rick Tumlinson (SpaceFund Inc. | EarthLight Foundation / Founder)

Demo: Hoverbike

Oriol Badia Rafart (Malloy Aeronautics / CEO)

Keynote: Making brands famous in the world

Chuck Porter (Crispin Porter + Bogusky / Co-Founder & Chairman)

Fireside chat

Prof. Rob Wolcott (Kellogg School of Management / Clinical Professor of Innovation)

Shaukat Shamim (Youplus / Founder & CEO)

Demo: In-flight wireless drone charging

Leonid Plekhanov (Global Energy Transmission Co. / Chief Executive Officer & President)


Prof. Rob Wolcott (Kellogg School of Management / Clinical Professor of Innovation)

Keynote: The future of health and medicine

Dr. Daniel Kraft (Singularity University / Chair for Medicine)

Keynote: The search for Life in the Universe

Simon P. Worden (Breakthrough Prize Foundation / Chairman)

Demo: EnduroSat

Raycho Raychev (EnduroSat / Founder)

Panel discussion: Investors point of view

Sriram Prakash (Deloitte / Global Lead, Innovation M&A and Venturing Services)

Ralph Simon (Mobilium / Innovator, Founder)

Gilad Novik (Lakestar / Partner)

Hristo Stoykov (EIB / Head of Division for Growth Capital and Innovation Finance)

Founders Games Award Ceremony - Selecting the best global startups

DEMS Stage

Panel discussion: Demystifying the UHD HDR delivery. Rationale standards and compatibility of this next-level user experience.

Thierry Fautier (UHD forum / President)

Ingmar Schmidt (Swisscom TV / Senior TV Portfolio Manager)

Amos Rozenberg (Paramax Films / CEO, Founder)

Gavin Ho (Insight TV / Technical Director)

Dan Akrich (iKOMG / AVP Sales Western Europe & Africa)

Panel discussion: Superaggregation - next phase evolution or yet another disruption? What are the strategic choices laid out in front of the telcos, operators, broadcasters and content houses?

Stanislav Georgiev (Chairman Webit DEMS)

Maria Rua Aguete (IHS Markit / Executive Director)

Ingmar Schmidt (Swisscom TV / Senior TV Portfolio Manager)

Charles Dawes (TiVo / Senior Director, International Marketing)

Panel discussion: Content acquisition in times of abundance and changed consumer behaviour

Stanislav Georgiev (Chairman Webit DEMS)

Marijana Vukašinović (Telekom Srbija / Head of Content Management)

Szilvia Kiss (Telekom Hungary / Senior Manager)

Irena Battelino (Telekom Slovenije / Head Content & Media Marketing Services)

Elena Panova (One Vip Macedonia / Residential Sales Director and Marketing Director)

Fireside Chat: Launching a music streaming app - global vs. local challenges, rights management - case study A1 Xplore Music & Muzikata BG

Velizar Sokolov (ARSIS Consulting / Managing Partner)

Pinie Wang (Xplore Music / Editor in Chief)

Bobby Ivanchev (VTY Music / CEO )

Lunch Break

Keynote: Run for the Diamonds! How to build a successful YouTube business

Valentin Pintilescu (LooLooKids / Development Manager)

Keynote: QUO VADIS TV?

Marin Ćurković (AdScanner / Co-Founder & CEO)

Panel discussion: TV measurements and targeted advertisement - should and could the status-quo of the media advertisement industry be disrupted?

Dobromira Boyadzieva (Arthur D. Little’ TIME practice / Senior Manager)

Kristian Ćurković (AdScanner / Co-Founder & Managing Partner)

Stéphane Printz (FreeWheel / Sr. Regional Director Northern Europe)

Panel discussion: Closing session: Industry trends - the Webit.DEMS committee's roundtable

Stanislav Georgiev (Chairman Webit DEMS)

Chris Dziadul (Broadband TV News / Co-founder & Co-owner)

Maria Rua Aguete (IHS Markit / Executive Director)

Thierry Fautier (UHD forum / President)

Invest Sofia Stage

Sofia's Place: Presentation – Fund Of Funds

Peter Mihaylov (Fund of Funds / Senior Expert, Investments in the SME Sector)

Sofia's Place: Presentation – Accelerator Startup Sofia: pilot program of Sofia Municipality for accelerated access to financing for innovative, start-up and social enterpreneurs in Sofia

Nikolay Tsenkov (Municipal Guarantee Fund for SMEs / Director)

Alexander Sarafov (Accelerator Startup Sofia / Senior Expert & Manager)

Denitsa Boeva (Accelerator Startup Sofia / Manager)

Sofia's Place: Presentation – Sofia Investment Agency

Ana Georgieva (Sofia Investment Agency / Senior Expert, Investment and Business Development)

Lunch Break

Sofia's Place: Presentation – The Bulgarian Startup Association BESCO

Dobromir Ivanov (BESCO / CEO)

Sofia's Place: Presentation – Sofia Tech Park And Source

Salim Virani (Source Institute / Founder)

Natanail Stefanov (BESCO / Executive Board, Sofia Tech Park)

Sofia's Place: Presentation - Founder Institute

Milen Ivanov (Founders Institute / Director)

Sofia's Place: Presentation – CEO Angels Club

Milen Ivanov (Founders Institute / Director)

Sofia's Place: Accelerator in 1 hour

Salim Virani (Source Institute / Founder)

Microsoft booth

Microsoft booth: Tech: Containers on Azure

Alex Yochev (Microsoft / Technical Evangelist)

Microsoft booth: Partner: Visual documentation of a car in 120 seconds

Sławek Potasz (InMotion Labs / CEO)

Microsoft booth: Partner: Transformative power of language reasoning technology

Luke Pytel (Smabbler / CEO)

Microsoft booth: MS4UP: An Introduction to MS for Startups

Johnny Gorman (Tailored Brands / Microsoft for Startups Head of Operations EMEA)

Lunch break

Microsoft booth: Tech: An overview of Machine Learning offerings on Azure

Todor Todorov (Microsoft)

Microsoft booth: Partner: Continuous authentication with Behavioural Biometrics. Invisible protection for your customers compliant with PSD2 and GDPR.

Adam Forma (Digital Fingerprints / Business Development Executive)

Microsoft booth: Tech: An overview of Azure Cognitive Services (applied AI)

Alex Yochev (Microsoft / Technical Evangelist)

Microsoft booth: Partner panel by UI Path

Microsoft booth: MSASUP: Grow your business with Microsoft for Startups

Tor Tsuk (Microsoft / Startup Business Development)

Microsoft booth: Partner: Banking&Insurance –It's about speed, not just cost

Paula Costea (Fintech OS / Technical Solution Director)

Microsoft booth: Tech: Overview of Server lesson Azure

Lukasz Foks (Microsoft / Azure Developer Lead, Central & Eastern Europe (CEE))

Workshop stage

Workshop Zone - European Innovation Council: Funding Breakthrough Innovation from the Idea to the Market

Teodora Sotirova (European Commission / GIS-TransferCenter (part of the EC network of national contact points))