Social Agenda

Join one of the most exclusive and huge social agendas in such events including the Famous Webit Party, a Black Tie Ceremony and Dinner, Webit Night Urban Summit and many other initiatives.


Official Opening
Everyone is invited

Official Opening of Webit.Festival

Webit.Festival Europe starts with a glamorous show programme with incredible visual effects, followed by welcome addresses from our Executive Chairman and various representatives of government institutions from the country and abroad.

14 May / 9:15
Leaders Lunch
Invitation Only Event

Leaders' Lunch

A networking event that is held during the Festival with special focus on the Digital Leaders who shape the future of the European and the global Economy through innovation and bravery. For Platinum pass holders only.

14 May / 13:45 - 14:30
Welcome Chairman’s Dinner
Invitation Only Event

Chairman's Black Tie Reception

The official reception, hosted by our Executive Chairman Dr. Plamen Russev. Guests of the Chairman’s Reception are top level entrepreneurs, politicians, investors and top media representatives. The guests of the Chairman's Black Tie Reception enjoy exquisite dine and wine.

14 May / 21:00
Parties, breakfasts, dinners and cocktails by Partners and Sponsors
Invitation Only Events

Parties, breakfasts, dinners and cocktails by Partners and Sponsors

Our partners organize series of events during Webit.Festival’s two-day programme that will give you additional opportunities to network and connect with our top level guests and speakers.

Official Webit.Party
Everyone is invited

Official Webit.Party

The Famous Webit Party takes place in PM Club ("Positano" Str.). The event will give you the chance to connect with our attendees, speakers and special guests in an informal setting between the two days of the festival.

14 May / 21:30

CEOs' Lunch
Invitation Only Event

CEO’s Lunch

A special gathering of the CEO’s and Founders among the Platinum pass holders of Webit. The lunch is a great opportunity to meet and network with some of the top entrepreneurs in the world and taste a fine selection of dishes and wines.

15 May / 12:30