What is Webit?

Over the past 12 years Webit stands for a global community and a series of large scale and high impact events around the world from Sofia, Istanbul, Davos through Dubai and New Delhi to Singapore.

Webit events grow with over 30% on year to year bases reaching to over 15,000 attendees from 120 countries in 2019.

Each Webit event represents the term convergence at its best and aims at collectively creating a preview of the future and thus providing opportunities to change it and fix it through collaboration at all levels.

Webit.Foundation is a non-for-profit organization.

The Webit Global Community gathers together tens of thousands global leaders, founders of fastest growing companies, digerati, policy makers, inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and experts fostering innovation and the digital transformation in the business and the society.

In 2020 the European edition has a new home – the city of Valencia, bringing digital Europe together with America, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Webit catalyzed the rise of Sofia, Bulgaria as a location for technology talent and investment. Forbes

Webit defines the innovation landscape in Europe. The Economist

One of the most influential global digital industry gatherings. The Wall Street Journal

Why Attend?

Pro Experience

Being a Pro Ticket holder will give you the unique opportunity for networking with some of the top enterprise, policy and academia leaders in Europe and around the world. Attend all the parallel summits and become part of the Webit Community, which involves not only the best in the business, but also people from new markets that you don’t usually meet anywhere else. View more...

Investor Experience

Being an Investor Ticket Holder will give you the amazing opportunity to get a broader view on the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem in Europe and the globe. Being listed as an investor in our database, you will get the chance to connect and network with potential LPs, representatives of family offices, fund of funds and corporate ventures as well as hand picked (best of the best) founders selected through world’s biggest startup challenge - Founders Games by Webit with a prize pool of $1 million in 2019. View more...

Platinum Experience

Being a Platinum Ticket Holder will give you an access to the premier VIP program at Webit for leading investors, policy makers, academia and civil society leaders and top media representatives. Become part of the intimate, closed, high-level gathering of some of the greatest minds from Europe and around the world and attend our list of exclusive social events. View more...

Startup Experience

Meet the top enterprise leaders and investors from all around the world. Have your company exhibition stand on site and pitch in front of Webit’s renowned jury members as a competitor in the biggest startup challenge in the world to try and WIN a seed investment. View more...

Media Experience

Get first hand information on the latest tech and digital trends. Interview the world’s top entrepreneurs, policy makers, academia and civil society leaders and get access to the top 200+ startups that were hand-picked by our team. Join over 500 accredited journalists from some of the world’s most influential media and cover stories from the event. View more...

Why Valencia?

27 European cities have participated in an open call for a host city of Webit.Festival Europe 2020. And Valencia won!

We chose Valencia because we saw in this city not only an unique combination between history and future, but also a big ambition to develop its role as the next hub for technology and innovation in Spain and Europe.

Webit, the local ecosystem and the Spanish state on all levels share a common vision about Valencia of the future - a city that is not famous only as the birthplace of the world's famous, delicious rice-based dish paella, a place of incredible beaches and tourist attractions and the home of the world famous Las Fallas festival, but also a city with fast-growing startup ecosystem, the home of some of the Spain's largest companies and an amazing place to be for an event.

The city is an unique combination of the farthest past, dating to the year 138 BC, with the most innovative technological advancements of the new millennium. The place is a magical mix between trade, cosmopolitan spirit, avant-garde architecture and outstanding beaches.

Festivals, culture, sports, gastronomy… Valencia really has all the reasons for you to visit and then come back for more.

Valencia has already hosted America's Cup and Formula 1 in the past. In 2020 on 17-20 June it will be the home of Webit.Festival Europe.

Join Webit.Festival Europe 2020 at La Marina de Valencia and experience the best in Valencia as part of our incredible journey to the future.

Connect with global leaders and investors, network with 300+ exhibitors, listen to incredible speakers who shape the future from all around the world. Meet amazing people while having/cooking paella or being part of the after hours Webit social activities next to the beach and have great fun during the famous Webit parties and over 200 side events as part of the Webit Urban Night Experience.

It is a new level of Webit experience! Be a part of the incredible tech fiesta that only Webit and Valencia can offer while creating together the desirable future!

The Conference Programme

Innovate! & Plenary Session

Attend Webit’s Innovate! & Plenary Session to witness top level discussions on the future of Europe and the work that the private and public sectors must take in order to improve the state of investment, innovation and entrepreneurship in the continent while protecting its people and businesses.

Read more

Digital Entertainment & Media Summit

Attend Digital Entertainment & Media Summit to learn how digital transformation and innovation impact the content, media and entertainment industries and explore the convergence among the contemporary entertainment sources - new content formats, VR, e-gambling, AI, gaming and e-sports.

Read more

Health Summit

Attend Health Summit to explore the huge changes that technology can bring to our health, quality of life and happiness through new methods of treating diseases, improving patient care and better prevention.

Read more

Mobility Summit

Attend Mobility Summit to understand the latest technological advancements in the way we move people and goods, the legislative measures that governments need to take in order to foster the new mobility concept and the trends that will shape the industry in the years to come.

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Blockchain Summit

Attend Blockchain Summit to understand more about the development of decentralised distribution and storage of data and the exciting aspects of this amazing technology. The summit gathers the world’s top blockchain experts, crypto, investors and founders.

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Fintech Summit

Attend Fintech Summit to learn about the latest FinTech advancements and implementation and how they will benefit banking, insurance, financing advisory and cross-point support.

Read more

Cybersecurity Summit

Attend Cybersecurity Summit to learn about the steps that people, businesses and governments need to take in order to secure their corporate, state and private data in the information age we live in.

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Future of Food Summit

Attend Future of Food Summit to understand the latest advancements and trends in sustainable agriculture and learn about the methods that will help us feed our overpopulated planet while improving the quality of life and health of people.

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The Spirit of Webit

Attend Spirit of Webit Summit to bring the state of your inner mind to another level. We will meet spitirtual and tech leaders and foster the conversation about centering technological advancements around people.

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Previous Speakers

Take a look at some of the previous speakers who joined Webit on stage.

First speakers for Webit.Festival Europe 2020 will be announced soon.

Mariya Gabriel

European Commission / Commissioner Digital Economy & Society

Dirk Hoke

Airbus Defence and Space / Chief Executive Officer

Paul Willmott

McKinsey & Co / Senior Partner & Founder of Digital McKinsey

Chuck Porter

Crispin Porter + Bogusky / Co-Founder & Chairman

Bo Ewald

D-Wave Systems / President

Prof. Shafi Ahmed

Medical Realities / Chief Medical Officer

Bill Gajda

VISA Inc. / Global Head, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation

Natalia Oropeza

Siemens / Chief CyberSecurity Officer

Raj Samani

McAfee / Chief Scientist

John Montgomery

GroupM / EVP, Global Brand Safety

Jesus Mantas

IBM / Managing Partner, Global Strategy, Offerings, Digital Innovation, M&A, GBS

Raja Rajamannar

Mastercard Worldwide / Chief Marketing Officer

Become a Speaker

Preview the Future Expo

Present your incredible inventions at Preview the Future Expo or attend the event to watch demonstrations of technologies like flying drones and hoverbikes, robots, VR & AR devices and much more.

Read more Become an Exhibitor

Founders Games

Founders Games by Webit is the platform where investors and enterprise business leaders know they will meet the best of the best - 200 hand picked startups from over 4000 applications. During the years, Founders Games has become the world’s biggest startup competition and an investment platform for matchmaking, selected early stage, post seed stage startups and round A scale-ups with more than 500 investors, corporates and media.

$1 Million is the prize pool which Webit.Foundation has raised from private investors and the exclusive Platinum partner Microsoft for Startups in the 11th annual edition of Webit.Festival.

The amount, as well as the number of 4078 applications Webit received by startups from all around the world (120 countries) are unparalleled worldwide. All finalists in Founders Games 2019 received a cheque of $120 000 each from Microsoft for Startups. The big winner WeFarm received $120 000 award from Microsoft in addition to the investment cheque of $280 000!

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Webit Fiesta

Webit is so much more than just a conference about technology and innovation. It is a gathering of technology enthusiasts that puts people in the centre of our world. We foster communication in our incredible community, by providing unique opportunity for networking and having fun among some of world’s top leaders. Join one of the most exclusive social agendas in such events.

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