Andrey Lilov

URBO / Founder & CEO

Andrey Lilov

Andrey Lilov is an experienced professional and entrepreneur in the sphere of software technologies and in the travel industry. He co-founded the Academy for Innovation in Tourism, founded and successfully manages several companies in the tourism sector:

  • The innovative URBO platform – the new concept for spending leisure time and buying experiences, either being a traveller, or an active resident in cities.
  • Clientric – a software company for online distribution solutions.
  • Media 35 – intellectual property rights management company in the music industry.

Andrey started his career in a leading software company, right after graduating from the Technical University in Varna. For over 15 years he has been continuously promoted and took different positions in the company from Customer Service Specialist to Business Development Director.

In 2014, full of enthusiasm, innovative ideas and extensive experience in the tourism sector, he founded his own company aimed at providing mobile distribution and marketing solutions for hotels and restaurants.

Following global trends in the rapidly growing technological environment, the mobile devices development and the need for optimized solutions for making people's lives easier, the URBO platform concept was born.

In 2016 Andrey founded the Academy for Innovation in Tourism, where the main focus is gaining knowledge on modern tools and techniques for sales growth.

His knowledge and understanding of the travel and software sectors, his commitment to innovative approaches and technologies, that help businesses grow, define him as an interesting lecturer.