Katya Todorova

Katya Todorova

MEmotion / Founder

Katya founded the digital boutique marketing agency – MЕmotion in 2013, with the aim of expressing her unique vision in branding and marketing. In 2015 MEmotion was acquaired by Clientric Group – a group of companies for innovative, software and interactive marketing and sales solutions, where Katya now is a managing partner & CMO.

Part of Katya`s day to day job is associated with Clientric Academy for innovations in travel industry and with Clientric HoReCa - the leading provider in Bulgaria of effective sales, marketing and technology solutions to individually owned and operated Hotels, Resorts, Hotel Chains, Restaurants and TA, throughout the whole customer journey.

Katya has previously worked as the marketing manager of the largest hosting company in Bulgaria - SuperHosting.BG. Then, she devoted most of her free and professional time to the largest educational web platform - Ucha.se, which has delivered more than 30 000 000 online video lessons for the past 5 years.


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