Sheree Atcheson

Sheree Atcheson

UK Expansion Director of Women Who Code

Sheree Atcheson is a 25 year old, 2013 Computer Science alumna from Queen's University Belfast.

As well as her day to day life in the tech industry, Sheree is also working diligently to eradicate the gender bias in the IT industry. In order to do this, she has brought Women Who Code to the UK through her work as the UK Expansion Director.

Women Who Code UK (Belfast, London & Bristol) has been in several publications, such as Huffington Post, Wired, ComputerWeekly, The Guardian, Marie Claire and many more. 

Sheree has also spoken at many events such as InspireFest 2015, DojoCon, techUK panels, Women Who Code Lightning Talks in San Francisco, BelTech14 and many more. The main aim of her career is to educate the younger generation on the prospective careers they can obtain in IT and show them that regardless of who they are, in order to be in tech, you do not need to be a man, a "geek" or a "nerd". All you need is to be interested.


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