Alexander Turkot

Alexander Turkot

Founding partner, Maxfield Capital

Alexander is an engineer by heart. He has a long career in IT, engineering and project management. Working for large corporations most of the 90s, most notably for IBM for which he has spent most of his time in the United States with projects across the globe: in Japan, South Africa and Switzerland just to name a few. 

Following these occupations he decided to spend some time nurturing his own ideas and had a couple of start-ups himself. He then served as the CEO and Management Partner of the Eastern European branch of MySpace after which he was approached for a big project for the Russian government being the creation of the start-up and IT cluster Skolkovo. Now being the General partner and a Founder Maxfield Capital he oversees operations of worldwide for the Venture fund.   

Alexander holds an MSc in Computer & Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Economics.


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