Dr. Andreas Caduff

Dr. Andreas Caduff

Biovotion / Founder

Andreas Caduff has been a driving force in the development of non-invasive, wearable sensor technologies for in vivo monitoring and the understanding of involved physiological processes. Particularly, he has introduced multisensor based monitoring systems for wearable physiological monitoring. He held various positions in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. He is a frequent invited speaker on digital health and related subjects and has invented numerous patents and co-authored several dozen scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. He was serving as CTO of Solianis where he orchestrated the development of non-invasive glucose monitoring, clinical study strategies, regulatory considerations or interaction with the industrial/scientific community. He then founded Biovotion and served for 7 years as CEO, an organisation developing and offering a state of the art user-centric, analytics driven ecosystem, powered by medical wearable technology. Biovotion received several international awards and high calibre endorsements for its innovations, including an award from the XPrize Foundation. Today, he is advising international organisations on digital health, working at the interface of secured medical technology, physiological monitoring, data science, AI and cloud ecosystems towards a more holistic view of health.


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