Uwe Diegel

Uwe Diegel

CEO Europe, iHealth Labs

Uwe DIEGEL is the holder of several patents pertaining to temperature and blood pressure measurement and is considered as a specialist in blood pressure management and in various forms of medical diagnostics. After studying music, he performed worldwide as a concert pianist for several years. In 1989 he was forced to change his career and developed a new technology for the processing and production of low-lactose milk products. In 1992 he entered the world of medical devices, quickly developing a particular interest in the field of cardiovascular diagnostics.  In 2009, Uwe got interested in Connected Health as a means of providing better patient management. He became involved in iHealth, a platform which takes all the signals of the body and translates into a meaningful format using smartphones and tablets. iHealth is today the world leader in the field of Connected Health.


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