Zen Chu

Zen Chu

Founder, Accelerated Medical Ventures; Faculty Director, Hacking Medicine Institute & MIT Healthcare Ventures

Zen Chu believes that nowis the best time in history forhealthcare entrepreneursand engineers to create thetech-enabled products andservices to help medicinescale and serve morepatients with higher qualityat lower cost.

Zen created MIT’s HackingMedicine Institute and the MIT-Harvard HealthcareVentures entrepreneurshipcourses. Zen founded fourmedical technologycompanies and has beenthe first investor in manyhigh growth med tech anddigital health companiesthrough AccelMed Ventures.

Previously, Zen managed andled new ventures for HarvardMedical School, Harvard’sWyss Institute forBioengineering, NetVenturesand Hewlett-Packard.

Zen Chu believes that now is the best time in history for healthcareentrepreneurs and engineers to create the tech-enabled productsand services to help medicine scale and serve more patients withhigher quality at lower cost. He created and teaches the MITHealthcare Ventures graduate courses within the pioneering HealthScience & Technology (HST) program, a joint initiative betweenMIT, Harvard Medical School and the Boston academic hospitals.As faculty director for the HackingMedicine.MIT.edu health techinnovation initiatives, Zen mentors physician entrepreneurs, earlystagestartups and health corporations adapting to global digitalhealthcare transformation, changing healthcare incentives, growthin emerging markets, and new disruptive technologies that reengineermedicine.

As Managing Director of AccelMed Ventures, Zen specializes inbuilding early-stage medical technology and healthcare servicecompanies, usually serving as co-founder and first investor. AMV’sportfolio spans Boston, Silicon Valley and China, includingPillPack.com, Figure1.com, 3D-Matrix Medical, CuroverseGenomics, PathFinder Regenerative Medicine, BitGym.com,DirectDermatology.com and a few companies still in stealth mode.

Alongside four world-renowned MIT biomaterials professors, Zenco-founded 3D-Matrix Medical Inc., serving as the first CEO for theventure-backed MIT regenerative medicine company whoseinjectable gel drug delivery products are treating patients andenabling new regenerative medicine research, with a successfulIPO in 2011. He has managed and led new ventures for HarvardMedical School, Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Bioengineering,NetVentures and Hewlett-Packard.

Zen earned a Masters of Public & Private Management from YaleUniversity and a BS in biomedical/electrical engineering from SMU.He's married to a serial entrepreneur/venture investor and they areraising three aspiring entrepreneurs in Brookline, MA.


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