Matt Harasymczuk

Matt Harasymczuk

Head of Software,

I help organizations with Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP), Lean Start-up, Lean Enterprise and software engineering techniques and good practises: XP, DevOps processes: CI, CD, Quality, ChM, RM, BDD, TDD, Risk Management and GIT Flow

As a technical person I still code on a daily basis and participate in development community meetups. I have learnt software engineering practices like those mentioned. I believe in Clean Code and Software Craftsmanship.

For several years I have created a Development Tools Ecosystem for Allegro Group - the biggest eCommerce company in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 5k+ employees. Two years ago I have been trusted to lead an Agile/DevOps transformation for the first Polish Government agency that gone the path towards the agility. Recently I am an IT and Business Consultant.



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