Dr. Adem Kumcu

Dr. Adem Kumcu

President, UNITEE EUROPE (New European Business Confederation)

Adem Kumcu is the President of Brussels based UNITEE, the New European Business Confederation, advocating the interests of entrepreneurs with a migrant background, so-called « New Europeans »: people who live in Europe but have connections with more than just the country where they live. 

Through its 7 national federations and 78 associations, UNITEE is a unique organisation representing 15 000 entrepreneurs and business professionals across 24 European countries and from all the major sectors of the European economy.

Dr. Kumcu has long combined his entrepreneurial experience with a career in academia. He is an experienced specialist of regional economic development in the age of disruption and global international migration. Making cosmopolitan cities globally competitive, socially synergetic and ecologically sustainable has become his life mission.

Similarly, Dr Kumcu has demonstrated his civic engagement by dividing his time between the profit and non-profit sector.


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