Prof. dr. Ad van Wijk

Prof. dr. Ad van Wijk

Professor Sustainable Energy, TU Delft

Prof. dr. Ad van Wijk (1956) is sustainable energy entrepreneur and part-time Professor Future Energy Systems at TU Delft, the Netherlands. He is one of the most influential sustainable energy entrepreneurs and innovators in Europe.

In 1984, van Wijk founded the company Ecofys, which eventually grew into Econcern. Econcern developed many new sustainable energy products, services and projects. Examples include the 120 MW offshore wind farm Princess Amalia in the North Sea the Netherlands, several multi-MW solar farms in Spain and a bio-methanol plant in the Netherlands, which is one of the largest second generation biomass plants in the world.

Van Wijk achieved many important prizes for excellent entrepreneurship. Amongst others he was Dutch entrepreneur of the year in 2007 and Dutch top-executive in 2008.

At TU Delft van Wijk will focus on the energy systems of the future. Especially he will do research and at the same time will realize ,"The Green Village".

Van Wijk has published a very readable book ‘How to boil an egg’ ISBN: 978-1-60750-989-9. At the Green Village he has written the books ‘Welcome to the Green Village’ ISBN 978-1-61499-283-7 , ‘Our Car as Power Plant’ ISBN 978-1-61499-376-6 and ‘3D printing with biomaterials’ ISBN 978-1-61499-485-5

Van Wijk disseminates his knowledge and experience through many (key note) speeches at conferences, meetings and festivals. He gives many interviews in magazines, newspapers, radio and television. He is guest commentator in the Dutch radio program BNR Urban Energy. And Jury member for many clean tech competitions such as the Accenture Clean Tech Innovation Awards and the Zayed Future Energy Price, Abu Dhabi UAE

Follow Ad van Wijk at twitter @advanwijk or via his website


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